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I've been wanting to try Kula Foods products since learning about them some time ago, maybe on Instagram? The problem has been that the opening hours for this commissary kitchen business are unfriendly to Fraser Valley 'working for a living type people' (sort of like Workshop Vegetarian Cafe which I will probably never visit). Also, we happen to be outside the delivery boundaries. Oh, I know there is probably a way, but I'm a little on the lazy side and as I have said, so many restaurants, so little time! So I hadn't tried too hard and just made an effort to get over it. More recently though, I decided to try and visit their retail partners starting with London Drugs. After a couple of misses, I did find their Pili Pili Sauce which was great and I ended up practically drinking it from the bottle. Then, after engaging the friendly and helpful KF people in a messaging back and forth, we made a trip to Vegan Supply in South Surrey.

At VS we were happy to find 2 of the 4 prepared entrees that KF makes and bought one of each. Now right up front, I have to admit that I was a little blasé about following preparation instructions and resorted to the microwave oven. This is not the recommended method. Not only that, on their website, there are recipes which start with their products as the basis for a more complete and probably authentic taste of Africa.
Despite my lazy-assed approach (well, we did make some rice) both of these turned out to be pretty tasty. We tried the G.O.A.T Curry first of all. It is a mild curry with hints of cumin and I'm not sure what. The texture was maybe a little on the spongy side but not unpleasant or off putting. We are not expecting (or even wanting) it to feel or taste so much like meat that we can't tell the difference! Still, next time we will follow the instructions.
We had the same feelings about the Chick-Un which was more of a barbeque flavour entrée.  At $10.99 per portion, the products are kind of where you would expect them to be priced. Vegan entrees do not tend to be mass produced and certainly KF does not occupy a factory. We feel like it was probably made with care, and is very unique. We would gladly have a couple of these in the freezer for the convenience and just because they were satisfying and tasty. As the company grows (if that is their goal) finding their products will likely become less challenging.
Food                         4 out of 5
Vegan Options         5 out of 5
Comfort                    NA
Service                     4 1/2 out of 5
Value                        4 1/2 out of 5

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