Dilli Heights Café and Bistro - Vegan Options / 2023 Pride Parade

We loved the cozy downstairs location of Dilli Heights Café and Bistro! We've always been partial to the older buildings in Vancouver with the brick and stone construction, the old wood doors and windows and the beautiful architectural details. Just a few steps off the beaten tracks, DH is located just off West Pender on Richards. It's still an easy walk from Waterfront Station and we decided to grab a bite before trying to see the 2023 Pride Parade with the crowds in Yaletown.
We arrived just before noon on Saturday and had our choice of seating. Our front counter guy was quite helpful in navigating the menu to determine what was or could be vegan but it would not have been hard for DH to give us a few clues right on the menu.
We started with Gol Gappe which is a reliably vegan Indian snack. Crispy little balls get filled with potato and garbanzo bits and then a minty tamarind liquid. The liquid is served on the side and could have been mistaken for a cold soup or beverage if this was the first time we had tried this! You add the liquid to the balls yourself so they stay crispy! Always tasty and refreshing!
I always have assumed that Bhel Puri is full-on unhealthy but a closer investigation reveals that other than the noodles and crackers, there is nothing deep fried and there is actually quite a bit of veggie in this tasty snack! Kept moist with chutneys there is a nice contrast of textures and flavours and I feel better about it now that I have read a recipe!
The Soya Chaap Sandwich (which is actually a wrap) was also quite amazing. This came with a bit of spice, just enough to get me sweating mildly! Soya Chaap is an interesting soy-based product a little like seitan. It is tasty and healthy (we have tried using it at home) and as part of a wrap is a pretty good meat alternative and substantial food.
We loved the Aloo Tikki Burger. On the menu, it said that we could add noodles for a dollar! Who could pass on that? In my photo, I separated the noodles enough so that we could see the aloo tikki patty. It was a crispy and potatoey croquette on an excellent burger bun, some condiments and drowned in noodles! Excellent!
The low-ceilinged charming room has some comfy couches and what appears to be a setup for a singer or poet to entertain. Friendly folks and great food and reasonably priced. We are happy with DHCB!
Food                             4 1/2 out of 5
Vegan Options              3 1/2 out of 5
Comfort                        4 1/2 out of 5
Service                          4 1/2 out of 5
Value                             4 1/2 out of 5

After eating way too much (although we did take some of our Bhel Puri to go), we made the easy skytrain hop to Yaletown where we joined the enthusiastic crowd of onlookers for the 2023 Vancouver Pride Parade.
How can you not love Queer Vegans?
Many sectors and groups were represented and showed their support either as part of or in support of the local 2SLGBTIQA+ community.
We did our best not to get too much sun and had a great time. Thanks, Vancouver Pride Society for a great parade!

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