Downlow Burgers at the American - Vegan Options

The last time we visited The American was in the middle of the pandemic and in the midst of our omnivore years. As we munched on pretty good meat hamburgers, we were blissfully unaware that Downlow also offered cruelty-free eats. Obviously, that is why we are back.

Just a short walk from Main Street Skytrain stations, we arrived mid-afternoon on Saturday and were seated right away.
They have 3 items on their plant-based menu so this was pretty easy for us. We just ordered them all! We started with the Falafel which were amazing. They were fluffy inside and crispy on the outside and came with perfect tzatziki. They desperately needed salt. For some reason, we didn't ask for any. 
The Vegan Fried Chicken was also pretty good. Admittedly it didn't look like much but it was crispy and had good interior texture. I think it tasted like chicken but now that I've been religiously vegan for a year, I'm starting to forget! Let's just say it tasted pretty good. The Onion Rings were also pretty impressive. A little on the greasy side but big and solidly crispy. We loved the big slices of onion.
The real rockstar of this show was called, The Vegan. Double Impossible smashed patties and Chau Veggie Cheese were the basis for what might just be the best vegan burger that we have ever had!
Seriously, this should not be missed by vegans or omnivores. The CV is some of the best plant-based cheese around and I found myself picking melted bits of it off the wrapper rather than allow it to be thrown away. Nice pickles, a very good bun and a little lettuce for crunch made this very impressive. Well done DLB!
This is a nice big comfortable room with games and good music. The staff are top-notch and very friendly and didn't even mock me when I couldn't find the bathrooms (huge sign). A great place!
Food                          4 1/2 out of 5
Vegan Options           4 out of 5
Comfort                     4 1/2 out of 5
Service                      4 1/2 out of 5
Value                         4 1/2 out of 5

Oh yeah...there were fireworks later. I can't seem to load my video onto Blogger but I will post something on Insta. The Philippines was up for the last show this year and they did pretty well. Aren't all fireworks shows basically the same though? We walk and skytrain every year but this year felt pretty challenging as far as getting to and from. I'm not getting any younger.

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