Sweet Revenge Bakery, Langley - Vegan Options

I am more than a little excited about Sweet Revenge Bakery! The only downside is that tasty and calorie-rich wonderful pastries that are plant-based are now within 20 minutes of home and will be a constant source of temptation. Located at 64th and 196 in Langley SRBC is open 7 am to 8 pm,7 days a week. Parking is a problem however and you should be prepared to walk a few steps from whatever street parking you can find. I had already read some Google reviews and assumed that there was a Filipino element at the bakery as I saw ube (purple yam) mentioned. I was fortunate enough to meet the head chef on Sunday morning who is not only Filipino but has head chefed at Meet and Kind Cafe. Having developed recipes for both of those vegan restaurants, he has the experience and has more plans for vegan items at SRBC!

I was sold immediately as I sat down and tried arguably the best vegan breakfast sandwich that I have ever had! It started with an amazing plant-based croissant followed by a tofu egg with a secret 'eggy' spice mix. Topped with amazing shitake mushroom bacon and excellently melty cheese, reminiscent of American slices. In my defence, I took have of it home for my wife who was enjoying a rare sleep-in. The coffee was pretty fine as well but do not miss this sandwich!
I tried to order and take home one of everything plant-based on their menu / baked goods case, but I realize that what they have may change from day to day. Flaky, buttery and wonderful is how we both described these pastries. Mharie is an Almond Croissant connoisseur and this scored high on her list.
I waited around for a while to score the Strawberry Donut. If vegan donuts can be this good, why aren't all donuts plant-based? These were both wonderful but should be enjoyed judiciously owing to their calorie content! Still, a little bit of pleasure should come into everyone's life from time to time!
I didn't pay enough attention to the ice cream labelled as vegan. I'm not sure if we are talking sorbet or coconut-based ice cream but I will be back to check it out.
If this place was within walking distance of home, I would be here all the time! There are a few comfortable seats at small tables with big windows and nice bright high ceilings. Staff are enthusiastic and we will probably be back frequently just so that my wife can enjoy the occasional old-home week! If you can enjoy your baked goods without cruelty, why wouldn't you?
Food                            4 1/2 out of 5
Vegan Options             4 out of 5
Comfort                       4 out of 5
Service                        4 out of 5
Value                           4 out of 5


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