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Plant-based pizza can be challenging. As a food that is essentially cheese-centric, just deleting the animal products sort of effs up the experience and should be called something other than pizza. On the other hand, many cheese knock-offs (sometimes referred to as cheez) are acceptable and bring the same experience to the eater without bringing suffering to the supplier (i.e.cows). Uncle Faith's Pizza has vegetarian pizzas on their menu which, when you opt for vegan cheese become...vegan.We tried 3 and were quite impressed.

UF in Surrey is adjacent to the Surrey Place Skytrain station. We ordered take-out but there are a few tables and you can comfortably dine in.
My wife with the sweet tooth likes Hawaiian Pizza but the closest that we could come up with was the Veggie Lover Pizza with Pineapple (no vegan bacon here) and hold the black olives (not her thing). Not a terrible pie! Remember to opt for the vegan cheese which you can have at no extra charge and they are not cheap with it! Well done UF!
Next up was the Garlic Lovers Pizza again with the vegan cheese option (at no extra charge!). We opted for the thin crust on this one (Veggie Lover with Pineapple was a regular crust). Both of the crusts were quite good and a little on the crackery side rather than what we are used to. That's not a complaint as it was a pretty good pizza.
Finally, we had a Potato Pizza. Sort of a curious idea isn't it? I have had potato pizza in the past where the potato was in slices. This one seemed to have smallish cubes like some brands of frozen hash browns. This did not taste like breakfast specifically but many people love cold pizza for breakfast and this would be a perfect fit. We liked it a lot. It's notable that all 3 of our pizzas had a sprinkling of sesame seeds. We're not sure why that is but we kind of liked it.
We were thinking of Uncle Faith's as a takeout kind of place but there is actually quite a bit of room to sit and enjoy a slice. They have pizzas made up and waiting for you if you are mid-transit and just want to get something to fill the void. I wouldn't expect there to be any vegan pizzas on the warming rack though. Still, one of the better pizza chain joints that we have come across as far as serving vegans is concerned!
Food                                    3 out of 5
Vegan Options                    3 out of 5
Comfort                               3 1/2 out of 5
Service                                4 out of 5
Value                                   3 1/2 out of  5

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