Kokomo, Port Moody - Vegan Restaurant

There are vegan eateries that emphasize healthy eating and vegan eateries that have deep fryers and both have their place. Veganism is not a healthy eating lifestyle. It is a lifestyle that avoids the exploitation of animals and cruelty. That being said, avoiding the Oreos and deep-fried vegan nuggets (as well as meat obviously) can be a pretty healthy way to live. Kokomo has healthy items on its menu but that taste good as well! We went to Kokomo in Chinatown several years ago but they have been successful and expanded to 4 locations in the meantime. We made it to the Port Coquitlam location last weekend.

Located just off Barnett Hwy and Ioco Road, in the Thrifty's Foods area, you can park an hour for free under the grocery store. The area is a bit of a traffic zoo otherwise.
We started with a milkshake which admittedly does not sound overly healthy. This was Creamsicle flavour and really conjured up fond memories for me. It was a little on the thin side and not very cold for a milkshake though and I'm not sure if that was the intention. 
We were also intrigued by the Yogurt Parfait featuring Yoggu Yogurt. We saw this brand of yogurt in a grocery store at the disturbing price of $10 for 500g (hard pass). It is, however, excellent vegan yogurt and this particular parfait with granola and fresh berries was very good!
The Buffalo Caesar Wrap was also a winner. Made with soy curls marinated in some kind of Buffalo sauce, the 'meat' had a nice texture and flavour. With a healthy serving of assorted crunchy veggies and pickled onions and tofu feta, it is a meal unto itself. We would eat this anytime.
We also shared a Beet Poke Macro Bowl. This was a selection of all sorts of tasty things from marinated beets to pickled carrots and ginger, wasabi peas, furikake, and edamame all served over brown rice with spicy mayo and ginger miso sauce. A satisfying and tasty bowl with lots of flavours and textures, all for only $14. Very nice!
There seem to be a lot more items on the menu than when we first visited the original Chinatown outpost of Kokomo. Obviously, we like that. This is a small place if you are planning to dine in but it is bright and comfortable enough. The staff were friendly and enthusiastic about what they were serving.

Food                             4 out of 5
Vegan Options              5 out of 5
Comfort                         4 out of 5
Service                          4 out of 5
Value                             4 1/2 out of 5

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