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Hey! We've been here before! We placed our order online, paid, got our pick-up time and entered the address into our navigation.  Before you knew it we were at 1205 East Hastings, the commissary kitchen where we had picked up from Vankoshary several months ago.

This time we were picking up from Nafas Kitchen Ltd which prepares vegan cuisine of the Mediterranean variety!
We started with a couple of classic Mediterranean dips, such as this Muhamara. This is a rich and substantial puree of red bell pepper, walnut and pomegranate. Delicious!
We are big fans of Baba Ganouj and this was a very good version. It was nicely chunky and a little smokey. This is a light and healthy dip that can make you feel a little less guilty at snack time!
We ordered a couple of wraps. This was the Falafel Wrap. Pretty tasty falafel. I found it crumbly but it worked well and this was actually Mharie's favourite. The pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and tahini made it a tasty meal all by itself.
Next was a Mushroom Shawarma Wrap. The mushrooms work so well in this typically meat-filled wrap. The oyster mushrooms are cooked with shawarma spices and they play really well together. With garlic paste, pomegranate molasses, and all the veggies again, this is another nice meal all by itself. My only criticism is that the photos on the website show grill marks and I was all excited about that. As I'm writing this, I'm wondering why I didn't just grill it at home.
Masakhan Bowl
Finally, we ordered the Masakhan Bowl. I could have done better in moving everything from the delivery container to our plate but you get the idea. This seemed like a lot of food for just over $11 and it was very enjoyable. We're eating a lot of soy curls these days and these were flavoured subtly with cumin, cinnamon, garlic and pomegranate molasses. One of the highlights for me was the garlic sauce (I've seen it called tuom), of which there was a container on the side. It is a powerful garlic addition and requires some self-control.
Altogether, we were very happy with our food from Nafas Kitchen. We paid $60 altogether including taxes and tips and we got 2 solid meals for 2. We were disappointed that some things on the menu were not available but there is that whole supply chain thing going on and at least we knew in advance. We met Nafa briefly (she might just be a one-woman show at the moment) when we picked up our order and she is clearly anxious that people enjoy her food. We think that they will!
Food                    4 out of 5
Vegan options      5 out of 5
Comfort               Not applicable 
Service                5 out of 5 (right on time but not prepared in advance and sitting)
Value                   4 out of 5

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