CC's Donuts and Robyn's Cookies - Vegan Treats

Tempting you with this post about these treats a week before Christmas is possibly not helpful as it is a little last minute for your planning. Still, I would suggest that after you read this, you throw caution to the winds and immediately place an order at CC's Donuts and I'll bet something good happens. While that is true for CC's Donuts, I'm just not sure about the availability of Robyn's Special Holiday Cookies. It may be that the window of opportunity for this holiday has passed.

We're getting pretty used to ordering specialty foods from commissary kitchens and even private kitchens but while I like to start my posts with a location photo I'm not going to post a picture of a private residence. Here is the box top from our order. I will try to carefully peel these stickers to add to my lap top which is now certified fully vegan!
First of all, the donuts! These are baked donuts that are generously coated with cinnamon sugar. They are cakey but lite. I love that the cinnamon sugar has some texture. They are perfect for tearing apart or messy biting where you get sugar all over your face. I never had this kind of donut as a kid but somehow they are reminiscent of something from my childhood. Wonderful! Keep up with availability on Instagram at donutsbycc.
And now the cookies! They describe them as sparkly & sugary, super soft & very yummy molasses ginger holiday cookies. I couldn't say it better myself although I would like to point out that they should not just be for the holidays! I have no specific website to direct you to although in this case they were available in a collaboration with Donuts by CC. Lets hope that is the case in the future as well as these were amazing cookies and I want them to be a part of my life.
Just one final note and that is that CC's donuts are often available at Moodswing Coffee on Front Street in New West. Moodswing seems to have some other vegan items  on their menu and has made it to my list!
Food                        5 out of 5
Vegan Options        5 out of 5 
Comfort                   NA
Service                    5 out of 5 (they were ready on time!)
Value                       5 out of 5 (4 donuts and 6 cookies for $20)

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