Recovery Day 2022 - 10th Anniversary

Recovery Day is an event that takes place at 6th and 6th in New Westminster every year to celebrate the fact that recovery is possible for addiction and mental illness. Represented among the sponsors and people that put the event together are some of the many recovery groups and treatment systems that are available for all kinds of these difficulties and diseases. I'm not familiar with the whole history of Recovery Day, but September 10th, 2022 was the 10th anniversary. We attended back in 2018 but not during the pandemic and whether it took place or not during that time, I'm not sure.

Saturday was a beautiful day and a hat and sunscreen were necessary! There was entertainment on 4 stages including a kid's stage where various acts were featured including Fred Penner (Sorry. We missed that.).
In addition to the kid's stage, there were many other activities for the kids including chalk drawing on the sidewalks, a bouncy house and so on. Addiction is often referred to as a family disease as all are affected.
There was no shortage of information available to those who needed it. 
There were activities of all kinds for the adults as well. I for one thought axe throwing might be a questionable choice for the recovery crowd. Anyone else?
The Overdose Memorial Tree was a sombre reminder of why this event takes place. The leaves represent the people we have lost. There is no one in this community who has not lost multiple friends or acquaintances to the toxic drug supply.

Of course, there were food trucks (no beer garden not surprisingly) and I had picked out some vegan possibilities. By the time I was hungry enough to be looking for food, some had run out of their plant-based ingredients because, like, oh sure, everyone in recovery is a vegan!
Happily, Old Country Pierogi (kind of the last place I expected to have vegan choices) did not fail me with their delicious plant-based cabbage rolls!
Then came the main event and even though I have 5000 pictures of Tom Cochrane, I will only post 2 here!
The band was personable and their interaction with the audience was great. They rocked and we all knew the words! It is very cool to see a Canadian icon in a small venue. It was the pinnacle of an excellent day!
Don't miss this event next year! It is not just for people in the recovery community because really, doesn't everyone know someone who struggles with mental health or substance problems?
Thank you  Recovery Day organizers!

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