AHA Indian Food Paradise

Another day, another Indian Restaurant in Aldergrove. Not that we object at all, especially since the latest couple including AHA Indian Food Paradise, have had exciting menus with food from traditions all over India instead of just the usual Punjabi-style food that we know and love. To be honest, we have lost a couple of Indian restaurants in Aldergrove recently so we seem to have reached a kind of stasis!

The menu at AHA includes some of our long time favourites including our always order, Fish Pakora.
It was maybe a couple of bucks more than we usually pay at $13.99 but this was a generous order of perfectly cooked very good quality fish. Probably some of the best fish pakora that we have had (but who can remember anymore?) and we would definitely order them again.
This is the first time that Dosa has been available in Aldergrove! We had been more than willing to drive to Scott Road for dosa but they have done a very nice job here. Delivered folded up for take-out purposes, I imagine (plus I chopped it in half for photo purposes), I cannot really claim expertise but these were delicious! And think of the gas savings that this will create! 
We love a menu that has dishes that we've never tried before. Gongura chicken is a dish from the Andhra region of India (east coast towards the south) and is cooked with a red sorrel paste. We had to try it and we're glad that we did! It was rich and earthy. Delicious! We definitely don't have to stop at butter chicken when eating Indian!
Another dish that we have never tried is Curd Rice! Also called yogurt rice, this was a real peek into a new world of flavour! Creamy and refreshing, this is cooked and mashed rice mixed with yogurt, pomegranate, dal, and some kind of leaves (coriander?). Served cool, it is a wonderful new thing to us.
Finally, we are very excited that AHA is open early and serves Indian style breakfasts! I have always assumed that Indian people eat breakfast but, I've never seen it on a menu. So Saturday morning, Mharie and I stopped in to try a few things.  The first thing to arrive was the Choley Bhatura Plate. Two hot puffy pieces of bread with raita, a delicious garbanzo bean mixture (chole) as well as red onion and lime pickle. We mixed and matched in no particular order and loved everything.
Next up was the Paratha Plate. Two stuffed flatbreads (we chose aloo which is cauliflower and potato, and paneer), which also arrived almost too hot to handle. This was served with yogurt, chutney and more lime pickle. Delicious! 
We ordered this as a combo and so it came with Lassi in this case sweet with rose flavour. (you can also ask for it salty) Very nice! This place is run by a brother and brother-in-law who are originally from South India but who have gained experience all over the world. They were very attentive and eager to share their thoughts and hear ours. The dining room is a little sparse at the moment but certainly not uncomfortable. They are so recently opened that maybe they are waiting for wall artwork.
This place is really quite special and we now kind of think that Aldergrove could become an Indian food destination!
Food                  5 out of 5
Comfort             4 out of 5
Service              5 out of 5
Value                 5 out of 5

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