It's about time. A restaurant with so many accolades (a wall of certificates near the washrooms and a front door full of recognitions) should not have waited this long for us to darken its door. Torafuku is located along a questionable stretch of real estate ( Main Street between the Ivanhoe and the American) which surprisingly houses quite a few decent eateries. We made a reservation, which may or may not be necessary on any given day, for opening time on Canada Day.

It's not like it's any kind of leap for us to come here as Torafuku is an Asian fusion joint that serves all kinds of stuff that we love, starting with dumplings.
Called, I Love Dumplings on the menu these were just really good. The usual pork filling, very tasty, thin wrapper and typical toppings, herbs and chilli vinaigrette. A great way to start a meal.
We ordered 2 Kick Ass Rice Bowls. The first was The Chicken And Crack Rice meaning, fried chicken, crack salad and rice. Don't be alarmed by the crack salad. I didn't think to ask about the name but the salad is some good vegetables with parmesan and a bit of lemon flavouring. The fried chicken was another of those great things that we would eat every day if we could. Crispy and hot and perfectly tender. You are likely familiar with the rice part.
The other bowl was the Duck Rice Bowl. The soy braised duck leg was very tasty but a bit on the chewy side. I guess that is almost always the case. The bowl was nicely rounded out with tofu, egg and radish and even some greens.  Nice variety and a satisfying lunch bowl.
In addition to the food, we found that the decor and even plates reflected some serious creativity. We had individual serving plates that appear to be shards of pots, each shaped a little differently and then finished was a grey colour. I loved these things.
The dining room has a sort of an industrial feel with a polished concrete floor and even a concrete communal table and wall design. Our server was friendly and the kitchen seems efficient. That's probably not surprising given the accolades this place has collected. Pricing for lunch is very reasonable.
Food                  4 1/2 out of 5
Comfort             4 1/2 out of 5
Service              4 1/2 out of 5
Value                 4 1/2 out of 5 

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