Never Too Late Cafe

I am not sure about the name as they close at 9:00 pm most days. Presumably, then 9:15 is too late... Still, we had a hankering for salty deep-fried Taiwanese food and were willing to make the trek...and be on time doing it.

Located in Terra Nova Shopping Centre in Richmond, we arrived just after opening on Sunday morning and were seated right away.
Whenever I see milkfish on the menu, I order it for my wife. It's her favourite fish. This time it came with rice, an egg and some broccoli. The fish was nicely pan fried with crispy skin.
We were craving fried chicken and so ordered Fried Chicken with Noodles in Soup. This was very good although the soup itself was on the bland side and the stock was too light. This was balanced out by the very salty but perfectly cooked fried chicken. I imagine that the salty/unsalty was purposeful but one without the other would be a huge miss. Together they were a hit!
We wanted to try this Pork Floss and Egg Pancake Roll just because of the presence of the pork floss. It is certainly an ingredient that you don't want too much of as it tends to be dry. They did a good job here (I should have photographed a cross section of this thing) and the crunchy cucumber worked well to offset the floss. Very tasty.
The Signature Pork Belly Bao was pretty decent. There wasn't a massive amount of pork belly but the overall picture was very nice.  Good value for a tasty snack!
We could find no fault with the Deep Fried Squid. A little salty but decently tender. We love the basil that appeared on quite a few dishes. It's just a nice little side flavour.
So we like this place. What we had was tasty and not too expensive and there are quite a few other things on the menu that we would have been happy ordering. Our server was friendly and the place is comfortable, light and airy. We are big fans of Taiwanese food and it's often our first choice if we are planning to go out to dinner. Give them a try!
Food            4 out of 5
Service        4 out of 5
Comfort       4 out of 5
Value           4 out of 5

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