India's Most Wanted - Aldergrove

Just opened in Aldergrove is our 6th Indian restaurant (more if you count the pizza joints that also serve butter chicken), India's Most Wanted. We have waited patiently as watched this place build from the ground up.

Seriously, this place took at least as long as Jollibee to get up and running. We are happy though as they offer some variety compared to the typical Fraser Valley Indian joints. We ordered for take-out on our first foray but management was anxious for us to dine in as fresh to the table is the best quality and they seem pretty serious about providing a first-class experience. This definitely means that we will be doing a follow-up visit (which as you may know, we rarely do!).
I was impressed right away by their Shuruaat Snacks menu. The list is creative and reasonably priced so we felt comfortable trying several things. The Potato and Cherry Croquettes are certainly something that I have never heard of before and so we needed to try them! They were crispy enough and came with a sweet and spicy sauce and we enjoyed them.  The cherry flavour was subtle enough that it more or less evaded us completely.
Innocent Idli in Sambar was both creatively named and typically a south Indian dish. It was this that made us realize that the strategy at this restaurant is to serve dishes from all over the continent and not the mainly north Indian cuisine that we are used to (management confirmed this for us). This was a very good version of idli, the little rice pillows that soak up a lentil soup!
Assorted Papadum with Trilogy Chutney was another treat and not something we see on menus very often. The green (cilantro/jalapeno-based?) packed a bit of a punch while the other two were one sweet and one savoury. We assume that the pinkish cracker was made from rice while the papadams are usually made with lentil flour. All in all, these were very tasty and no two bites needed to be the same!
I know, I know, butter chicken again but Mharie likes it a lot and it's a taste that we can comment on with some authority! This was some of the best that we have tried. There was a generous amount of chicken and it was not overcooked (often a bc problem) while the sauce was just mildly spicy and leaned towards the savoury rather than sweet. Very nice!
Lamb Biryani is another one of those good places to start and we again declare it to be very good! Decent chunks of tender lamb were mixed in through delicious and earthy rice. Just enough spice to make it interesting.
We ordered some Garlic Naan on the side and it was amazing. You should try this for sure. Also, a nice portion of raita came with the meal. I can't really say what it was to accompany specifically but it was refreshing and delicious.
Kheer Ke Tamashe (traditional Indian rice pudding ) was a portion large enough for 2. We rarely order dessert but it's hard to pass on rice pudding and it was a perfect way to complete an amazing Indian meal. Of course, we couldn't possibly eat all this food at once so we enjoyed some tasty leftovers the next day.
They have a beautiful dining room and it is our intention to come back and try everything on the menu that is labelled for dine-in only. Also, my brief interaction with the folks here makes me sure that they will provide gracious service and good advice and we look forward to experiencing that. We'll let you know soon, how it goes!
Food                 4 1/2 out of 5
Comfort            NA (looks comfortable though!)
Service             4 out of 5
Value                4 1/2 out of 5

Curiously, we recently noticed that we were rated #35 on Feedspots, "Top 60 Vancouver Blogs and Websites." Even after reading about their modus operandi, I am not sure why we are on the list but I'm not accusing them of making a mistake either! On their top 60 are quite a few blogs and websites that we already read regularly. Check it out by Googling Top 60 Vancouver blogs to follow in 2022!

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