Nhan Plant-Based Vietnamese (more plant-based eats)

I have mixed feelings about the Daily Hive Dished food website. On the one hand, most of my information about new restaurants (like Nhan Plant-Based Vietnamese) comes from their posts. On the other hand, they post profoundly stupid things like "We Matched Zodiac Signs To Their Most Fitting Bevvies." Really? Anyway, while I've been obsessed with our Plant Curious Coupons Book, we've noticed some new vegan/vegetarian places popping up along the way and wanted to find out what they offered as well (too new to be included in the coupon book).

For Nhan Plant-Based Vietnamese, pick up is at the Granville Room (nothing to see here, folks). Ordering is convenient on their well-functioning website and our order was ready within 10 minutes of our pick up time (we may have been their first order of the day).
We ordered their Spring Rolls which turned out to be a very good place to start. Even after their trip to Aldergrove, they were crispy and tasty. The filling included mushrooms and tofu and was quite 'meaty'. I'm not sure where the vegan fish sauce comes from (we are looking for a bottle) but it was a very convincing substitute for the real thing.
The Banana Blossom Salad might have been the most intriguing thing on the menu. I guess I was thinking in terms of something like zucchini blossoms but that is not what this is. To be honest, there were a couple of things on the salad that could have been the blossoms (ingredients that I did not fully identify) and both were tasty and added texture and flavour to the salad. Not surprisingly, neither tasted like banana. More vegan fish sauce rounded this out. This is a must-order from their menu.
Had to try their Pho, of course. This was a pretty good version of vegan pho. The broth was quite good (Pho broth is always on the light side) with a subtle 5 spice flavour. There was tofu, what we assume is seitan, shitake and some of the usual good stuff that made this a decent bowl of pho that could stand up any day next to the chicken-based versions!
The Green Coconut Curry was mild but definitely hit the spot. Taro, tofu and squash formed the substance of the dish and we chose rice (options include noodles) as our carb. This was a very nice dish and we did not miss the meat as protein (nor do we usually so sort of a stupid comment).
Finally, and actually or favourite, the Bun Bo Hue. Since the vegan version does not include pork blood this might end up being more popular as a plant-based dish than the original. The broth is rich and just a bit spicy while the substance includes mushrooms, bok choy, seitan and tofu. This is not the first appearance of seitian on this menu and we are Impressed by that! This was a rich and tasty noodle soup that we would order again!
We can't comment on service or comfort of course, but we look forward to Nhan finding a place with a few tables if that is their goal. In the meantime, the addition of a plant-based eats joint is always welcome and this one offers some very tasty choices.
Food             4 out of 5
Comfort         NA
Service          NA
Value             4 out of 5

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