Vegan Pizza House - Veganuary 2022

Again we seem to be landing often at the pizza/fast food vegan joints this Veganuary but really, Vegan Pizza House has a lot of choices and not just pizza! We ordered and picked up from their location close to Scott Road Station but there is a location on Kingsway in Vancouver as well. I'm guessing that they don't get a lot of walk-in business at this location being located in Bridgeview behind the old Turf Hotel in an area you wouldn't want to walk alone at night. I apologize to the residents of Bridgeview if that is an unfair representation of the area. There are a few tables (I was not expecting that) both inside and out.

We ordered way too much as usual and the leftovers lasted a couple of days. Portions are not small!
The VPH website is lousy with specials for early orders and Sunday orders and combo orders, so a bit of careful calculation is necessary. We ordered the Sunday special large Hawaiian Pizza (as always, I blame my wife for this she being the one who likes pineapple on pizza!) and it was not bad. The cheese is cashew cheese and if you are expecting Mozza, you can forget it. Still, it is not bad! The ham is some soy-based thing and also, was kind of good!
I ordered a small, Spicy Vegan PIzza which is full of banana and jalapeno peppers as well as a lot of other tasty ingredients. Again, this was a very good pizza. They are not kidding about the spicy part so keep that in mind. The crust on both of these were actually very decent. They are not thin crust of wood-fired but still tasty and a bit crispy.
They have baked lasagna and spaghetti at VPH with your choice of meat sauce, meatballs or mushrooms. It turned out to be quite good and the photo is only half of the order. I think I would maybe skip the meatballs next time. Not that they didn't taste OK but when you expect a meatball, (which we didn't) this alternate didn't quite live up to our hopes. Still, it was rich and comforting and came with garlic bread.
We tried their Spicy Donair as well with vegan chicken. Again, lovely and messy and spicy, this was a comforting and tasty side sandwich.
A nice little inherently vegan side salad!
This was a bonus for ordering over $20. Pita with their version of pretty good hummus.
Finally Strawberry Vegan Cheesecake! This was not as good as the cheesecake from Tera V burger. It was a little more gelatiny and less creamy but it did have good strawberry flavour and was a tasty not too sweet dessert. So, this place kind of reminded me of my younger days when we would pick lasagna and pizza from the local Italian joint. It's nice to know that the vegan version is available when we feel like a little treat. I actually feel like this place could become a bit of a go-to.
Food                     4 out of 5
Comfort                3 out of 5
Service                 4 out of 5
Value                    4 1/2 out of 5 

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