Between 2 Buns

A pretty good place for a pre-hockey game meal (this was about the last game before the latest COVID break) is just around the corner from Rogers in Chinatown. Between 2 Buns is located in the space that was previously Bestie, that we always intended to visit. We arrived a couple of hours before the game on Sunday evening and after a short wait, placed our order and paid our tab first then sat down at a booth to await our eats.

The menu is not long but if you like smash burgers, you are in the right place. So we ordered a couple and some side stuff.
First to arrive where the Dirty Onions Rings. Topped with jalapenos, beef, bacon and B2B sauce (a variation on ranch with chipotle?), these were crispy and excellent onion rings.
Really good fries came next. These feature some kind of coating that gives them a little more crispiness.
Of course, the main event was still to come. First up is a Bacon Cheese Burger. A wonderful crispy around the edges smash patty on a squishy excellent bun. The two go together as the start of a pleasantly greasy burger drowned in American cheese and bacon. Wonderful!
The Double Cheese Burger was also impressive and satisfying! Two amazing smashed patties and lots of cheese on that same wonderful bun. This is our last post before the start of Veganuary and I certainly don't expect to be craving beef before the end of that month thanks to B2B!
B2B is the definition of casual. Sweat pants on some of the staff was the giveaway on that. They were still friendly and efficient. The seating is pretty comfortable and our food arrived quickly. A nice informal little place to get a really decent burger and fries and you should check out their IG for specials  Not good for a pre-marathon meal but decent before a Canucks game!
Food                   4 out of 5
Comfort              4 out of 5
Service               4 out of 5
Value                  4 out of 5

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