Century Plaza, Vancouver, BC

Staycations are definitely a thing these days. I often see blog posts about staycations featuring Vancouver hotels but they are usually the pricey high-end hotels that charge extra for wifi and $40 for parking and that's fine for once in a while. Our little go-to place (which is not so little) often gets ignored. Mharie and I live in Aldergrove which is not so far out in the country but we like a change of scenery and driving to Vancouver and back (or more often transitting) for one event or meal is sort of a pain. As a result, our staycations combine convenience and the desire for a place to take an afternoon kip between lunch and dinner or museum or hockey game. We are also not keen on shelling out top dollars just for the stay-in-town convenience. Of all the places that we have stayed, Century Plaza has become our favourite.Sure CP does not boast valet parking and is really not the place where the movie stars stay, but what it offers at a reasonable price makes it pretty impressive. Built in 1972, it might have been one of the top hotels in town at the time and the lobby and public spaces reflect it.

It is still a lovely hotel with top-notch and friendly staff. There is a fine-dining Italian restaurant and a cafe on the first floor. We have not gotten any further than breakfast at either of them but did not find them anything but very good.
The elevators are one of my favourite features of this place. 1972 elevators are a little slower and creakier than the latest models. We have timed our trip up at a rate of one second per floor.
Rooms are not uncomfortable with pillowtop mattresses and very nice bedding. The wifi is not terrible and the TVs offer every channel on the Telus schedule.
There was a little kitchenette in this room but we have been in rooms with full kitchens. Decent coffee, microwave, fridge and enough cutlery and plates for our leftovers and a few tabletop food pics when we get take out. The bathrooms are decent and there are even robes.
We usually end up somewhere between the 22nd and 26th floor which comes with a nice view of English Bay or Burrard Street depending on which side you are on.
And of course, we are not a long walk from anything downtown including Sunset Beach and our now famous barge.
We usually pay just over $100 a night using Hotwire and parking is only $20. That is quite a bargain for downtown Vancouver. A little worn around the edges but charming enough, Century Plaza has become our go-to when we decide not to do the drive back and forth from Aldergrove and want a little change of scenery for our morning walks.

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