Kyu Grill Food Truck

Our pursuit of all the Birria Tacos in Metro Vancouver has finally brought us to Kyu Grill Food Truck. Since KG advertises itself as serving Hawaiian-Japanese fusion dishes, the birria on their menu took us by surprise! We had a bit of an issue finding them at a location we could get to but this past Saturday, they were set up on Bonson Road in Pitt Meadows. There were a couple of other trucks at that location forming a bit of a miniature food truck festival!

We seemed to eat a lot of French fries at KG because we had them as part of a combo and then as the base for their Hawaiian Garlic Shrimp Fries. I will assert that they were really good fries!
The Hawaiian Garlic Shrimp Fries were one of the highlights here. These guys were pealed except for the tail, battered and deep-fried. I expect that there was garlic in the batter and maybe in the sauce too. They were nicely cooked and there were quite a few of them although I didn't count. Really decent fries were the bed for the shrimp and it was all finished with mango sauce, spicy mayo and assorted salad items. Very nice!
The Birria Tacos on the menu is a reflection of the multi-cultural nature of ownership and staff. Whoever built this item has an excellent grasp of what we were hoping for! In Mharie's view, these were the best birria tacos that we have had and I'm inclined to agree. Certainly, the dipping broth was rich and perfect. My feelings would have been hurt if there was more cheese skirt but the beef was tender and amazing.
Finally, the bargain of the afternoon was the combo which included a sandwich, fries and a soda all for $16. We chose the Crispy Chicken Hero which was delicious. Hot and crispy chicken with fixin's on a house recipe bun. Here the Filipino flavours are noticeable in that the bun was close to pandesal but also close to Hawaiian bread also. Soft and perfect. They have this baked locally according to their own recipe. We chose OKO fries with came topped with Okonomi sauce and bonito flakes. Loved this too!
So Japanese, Filipino, Hawaiian and some Mexican added in for good measure, this truck is impressing us with their fusion cuisine.
Food                 4 1/2 out of 5
Comfort            Well it's a truck but there were a couple of picnic tables at this location.
Service             4 out of 5
Value                4 1/2 out of 5

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