Bayong Kitchen Filipino Eaery

In the space that was previously occupied by Holy Taco at the corner of 160th and Fraser Highway, Bayong Kitchen Filipino Eatery has appeared, apparently opened by the people who run Grandt Kitchen in Surrey.

We kind of try to make sure we are bringing attention to the new Filipino places that show up because, well, one of us is Filipina. We arrived to find the place full of Filipinos so you know what that is supposed to mean. Realistically, it could just be that they are trying a new place just like us but Bayong Kitchen turned out to be worth trying. As usual, I had perused the menu and had a plan but when we walked in, it seemed that everyone was opting for family platters and that seemed like a good idea.
We ordered the Bayong Inihaw Box at 39.95. It allowed us to try quite a few things and we didn't leave hungry.
I hadn't realized that mussels are such a popular thing in the Philippines but that explains why they are on all 3 of the platters on the menu. These were frozen of course, but they didn't do too bad a job at preparing them. They are tasty with either the black vinegar dip or the All-Purpose sauce (another Filipino bottled sauce). The pork skewers were particularly good being slightly sweet and nicely grilled. This was my favourite of the things that we tried.
Grilling is the specialty on the platters but BK does other more stew-like dishes as well. We scarfed down the grilled pompano and really enjoyed the chicken also. There was also garlic rice (no surprise there), eggplant, tomatoes and watermelon on the plate. All in all, it was a decent meal for 2.
It feels pretty typical for a Filipino joint. Not too fancy but functional. You order and ay at the counter and they bring you your food and utensils. There are a few outside tables but it happened to be raining that day.
Down the road in Langley, is a sister business, a Filipino grocery with a few items. We tried a couple of siopao which were OK but not a patch on the ones we get at New Town. 
We got our dessert there, namely Halo-Halo which is crushed ice, sweetened condensed milk with red beans and jellies. It was also OK but not as good as what Mharie makes at home. So we like Bayong Kitchen. It serves good casual home-style Filipino food which everyone should take the time to get famailar with. 
Food                 3 1/2 out of 5
Comfort            3 out of 5
Service             4 out of 5
Value                4 out of 5

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