Bombay Masala Restaurant - Vanfoodster's Curry Challenge

So suddenly we are under more serious COVID 19 restrictions. Dining in is suspended for the time being unless a restaurant has outdoor seating but take out is still permitted. Up until now, we have been comfortably dining in with appropriate precautions wherever it has been allowed and with no great concern. That being said, we have confidence in the decisions that Dr. Henry is making on our behalf. She has been looking after us from the beginning of this thing to the extent that it is possible and based on the most current science. Still, we want to do our best to support local restaurants as much as we can and will do so by ordering take-out and occasionally dining on a patio. Of course, as far as Vanfoodster's Curry Challenge is concerned, our pictures of take-out will be a little less impressive than the dine-in versions. What are you gonna do?

Bombay Masala is a bit of a trip out there (for us) near UBC on 10th Avenue a little past Alma. We ordered for take out but they have 3 patio tables available and we could have snared one if we were smart. Still, we did what we have done quite a lot over the last year namely we called in our order, picked it up and drove home.
First and foremost, we made the trek out here to try BM's entry in Vanfoodster's Curry Challenge. We kind of cheated in the picture of the dish. The Nargasi Fish Kofta consisted of 3 cod 'meatballs' in a nutty creamy mild sauce. We did our best with the photo by reassembling the food onto a plate after it had rolled around on the trip home even adding a little bit of green (lame effort). At any rate, it was very tasty and creative. I wouldn't say that it was overflowing with personality as a dish and could have used a hit of something. Admittedly, you can overpower fish very easily.
We ordered a few other dishes including Onion Bhazi. These were a little like spicy flavourful onion rings in convenient ball form! We liked them best when we dipped them in any one of the other dishes such as the Kofta.
We were very impressed with the lunch combos offered here. For only $12 you can have Butter Chicken (or your choice), Aloo Bhaji, rice and naan. All of these dishes were warm and comforting. Where I often complain that butter chicken is more sauce than chicken, this is very much the opposite of that. Very good value.
We ordered Palak Corn which I don't believe that I have ever seen on a menu. This was a rich and deep spinach curry with, obviously, corn. Very nice and vegan!
Our hostess was kind enough to give us a couple of Gulab Jamun for dessert which were delicious.
The menu at BM is varied and there is much that we would like to return and try including vegan selections. It is easy to be a vegetarian at an Indian restaurant but vegan is a little more challenging. The dining room here is warm and inviting and hopefully dining in will come back before long.
Food                    4 out of 5
Comfort               patio is nice but we didn't try it
Service                4 out of 5
Value                   4 out of 5

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