Indish Food Truck - Vanfoodster's Curry Challenge

We made the trek from Aldergrove to the Hastings Park Farmer's Market one dreary, rainy Sunday, to try the Indish Food Truck and their Vanfoodster's Curry Challenge creation.

The Indish menu offers a lot of flexibility. You choose a format (i.e. rice bowl, wrap or poutine), a sauce, a protein and add-ons, not to mention your level of spice. This will accommodate everyone from the spice timid and the vegetarian and all the way to the other end of the spectrum! We placed our order, picked up our food and made the trek home. The weather was not accomodating as far as the possibility of a picnic.
We started with chaat as we have grown to love the crunchy Indian snacks with their varieties of ingredients and sauces. This one was Sev Puri. It included potatoes and onion as well as a variety of chutneys and toppings including crunchy bits of split pea vermicelli. If you are not familiar with this kind of snack food then put it on your list!
Next, we tried a Paratha Wrap. This is preferable to a pita or tortilla as far as we are concerned. Paratha are sturdy enough but are nicely layered and flaky. The sauce is Coconut Korma and the protein is Choley (garbanzo beans). Topped with some onions and what have you, this is a very good and vegetarian sandwich for just $11.50.
Next up was a rice bowl. We had the butter sauce with this and Chicken Tikka. We kind of thought we were building butter chicken but in that dish, the chicken is stewed in the sauce whereas this Chicken Tikka is grilled separately. It was quite good with a bit of char on the tender chicken and the sauce itself was rich and tasty. 
We rounded out our meal with a samosa which was also tasty. The only problem is that they had run out of their Curry Challenge dish. It's not easy to run a food truck in case you think it is! They don't want to waste food and if a dish is only a temporary thing (like for the Challenge) it is hard to anticipate how much to make! Anyway, we agreed to come back the following Sunday.
Their Curry Challenge dish was really quite inspired! The Royal Whitecaps Curry is a vegetarian dish with an original sauce as the star of the show. The sauce features multiple spices including cloves and rarely seen mace which gave it a distinct and wonderful taste. They were generous with the sauce as you can see by the picture but none of it went to waste. Rice, mixed plant-based ground meatz, tandoori spiced veggies and chana kebab complete the picture. This is a great creation that should be on their regular menu. It is also the least expensive of the Curry Challenge dishes at $16. Look for these guys!
Food                    4 out of 5
Comfort               Depends on the weather!
Service                4 out of 5
Value                   4 out of 5

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