Mi Casa Mexicana - More Birria Tacos!

Our search for Birria Tacos continued with a visit to the impressive Mi Casa Mexicana. Not as impressive is our outside photo and you would not be blamed for thinking that we were having our lunch at Chronic Ink.

Carefully tucked upstairs at the corner of Burrard and 4th is this Mexican restaurant offering all of our favourites as well as a few things that we had never tried before. We arrived at noon on Saturday, were warmly greeted and seated in a booth by the window where we could observe near misses in the intersection below.
Well, we came first and foremost for the Quesabirria. This double combo came with 2 cups of broth which was so tasty that even after we finished dipping our tacos, we were inclined to drink the broth. It had some very deep and beefy flavour. Mharie estimated that it was the best that we have had, this being our 4th birria tasting.
The tacos themselves were excellent being crispy on the outside with the very rich slow-cooked beef, a good hit of cheese, onions and cilantro.
A Pambazo is a Mexican street sandwich. The bun is coated in red guajillo sauce, then stuffed with chorizo, potato, lettuce, cheese and sour cream. The bun is reddish and fragrant from the sauce but not messy like I kind of expected. It was a very good sandwich of course, as how can you go wrong with these ingredients. The chorizo (like pretty well everything here) is house-made.
More of that chorizo came in a Gordita. To be honest, I was trying to order the Chicharron Prensado Gordita but we had a momentary communications breakdown. This was pretty tasty anyway and probably healthier than Chicharon (not by much). We love the thicker corn tortillas.
I always say that tamales are the true test of a kitchen. We ordered the Chicken Verde and Jalapeno and Cheese. The tricky thing about tamales is that they can dry out during cooking very easily but these both retaining just enough of their moisture to be very good, especially with a little addition of one of the three hot sauces we had on the table.
Finally, we had just enough room for dessert namely Mharie's favourite, Churros. These had a filling of a sort of vanilla cream which really moved them by a notch! Very nice!
It is actually quiet in this room above the chaos of traffic outside. The soundtrack is modern Latino (not sure if that's really what it is called) that was very pleasant. The staff here are pleasant and friendly as well and our server was enthusiastic about what they are doing here. Definitely, one of the best Mexican restaurants in Metro Vancouver and we have been to a few lately. I'm not sure what took us so long to get here!
Food                     4 1/2 out of 5
Comfort                4 out of 5
Service                 4 1/2 out of 5
Value                    4 out of 5

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