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I lived in New Brunswick for 3 years a long time ago, and a little snow (or even a lot of snow) would never have moved us to change our plans. Now I look out the window and see a few flakes and I am all of a sudden afraid that the end result will be widespread chaos instead of what experience tells me will become slushy and disappear by the end of the day. Still, better safe than sorry. We decided to keep it a little closer to home than usual. Someone gave Mharie a $50 gift certificate for White Spot and they have been advertising the return of their Chicken Pot Pie lately so maybe this would be a good day to use that certificate!
We had to go at least as far as Langley to get groceries and there is a WS at Willowbrook Mall. Yes, my photo is the back of the restaurant rather than the road view but it is to show that they have carhop service here which is pretty cool. I don't know if that is a feature at very many locations. It seems like a bit of history!
We decided to start with Crispy Brussels Sprouts. This dish probably makes people think that they are eating healthy but Ceasar dressing, Parmesan and bacon beg to differ. Ridiculously rich and melty, don't miss this.
When the Impossible Burger first came on the scene we drove most of the way to Seattle to try it at (exactly 3 years ago) at Ram Restaurant and Brewery. What stood out to me at the time was the IB's ability to take on a nice crust that we all love on a hamburger. Now finally at WS where they cook it on a grill rather than a flat top, I still feel like that is what makes it better than Beyond Meat.
I still might prefer a good black bean or some other creative plant-based patty but of the major meat substitutes, Impossible Burger still wins! We ordered the Avacado Impossible Burger with Onion Rings and coleslaw and it was all really tasty! Some of the best onion rings that we have had in a while!
Finally, came the Chicken Pot Pie which triggered some fond childhood memories. Not that my Mother made chicken pot pie (sorry, Mom) but bought the arguably terrible frozen ones by Swanson (?)  once in a while as a treat which I loved! WS does a little better than that!
We loved the crispy puff pastry lid and the creamy chicken stew filling. We had been thinking about a piece of cherry pie to wrap up but just ended up with no room left. A few months ago, our experience at a different WS was definitely on the meh side which really bothered me as this is our BC place! Our lunch in Langley restored some of my faith.
You've seen the inside of a White Spot before. It is warm and comfy enough and especially so on a snowy day. Our server was great and all social distancing rules are being carefully followed.
Food                  4 out of 5
Comfort             4 out of 5
Service              4 1/2 out of 5  
Value                 4 out of 5

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