Donair Dude - La Poutine Week

We wanted to participate at least a little bit in this event and I kind of really like the name Donair Dude! Also, you can talk me into falafel almost anytime! It turns out there are quite a handful of DD locations around Metro Vancouver. We ended up at 96th and 128th in Surrey.

Easy enough to find in this strip mall by locating the giant red Quasada sign which neighbours Donair Dude. This is a line up and place your order, customize your order Subway style and mostly take your order to go although there are a couple of tables, type of place.
DD's entry for La Poutine Week is not startling but it is not too bad for a basic product. Halal beef or chicken shaved off the spit provides the topping for really decent fries, very good gravy and the right kind of cheese curds. The meat is tasty enough but not a direct contributor to the poutine. It could easily have been served on the side and really would go better on a pita. The rest of the dish was surprisingly good with the highlight being the beefy gravy!
We are always open to the healthier side of the menu too. This Tabouli Salad was quite good with parsley and bulgar being the main ingredients and with tomato, onion and a lemon and olive oil dressing. It was also quite good.
As I mentioned earlier, I can always eat falafel. In this version in a pita (toasted on the sandwich press) there are plenty of vegetables as well as tahini and spice. This is very much a meal on its own and most of it made the trip home for later.
Hummus and pita are another nice side. This one has roasted red pepper added to the chickpeas giving it a nice colour and flavour. It mostly made the trip home with us also as I ordered too much as is my custom.
This location has only been open for a little while. All the staff were friendly and helpful. Sure it's a fast food place but the level of fresh and healthy is a couple of decent steps up from most places where you might grab lunch or sustenance on the go.
Food                3 1/2 out of 5
Comfort           3 out of 5
Service            4 out of 5
Value               4 out of 5

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