Major Joy Flavoured Chicken

When I first saw this place, I honestly took it to be a Filipino chicken joint. The word "joy" in the name is reminiscent of the soon to be opening in Vancouver, Jolibee which offers "chicken joy" on its menu (btw, a Jollibee in Vancouver is good for the environment as Filipinos in the area will no longer need to drive to Seattle to get their "chicken joy" fix!...well and me too!)

Located at the corner of 88th and KG Boulevard in Surrey, MJ is more South Asian in its leaning featuring fried or grilled chicken in seven different flavours!
So we ordered a few things to go including an excellent Mango Milkshake for the drive home. The milkshake was topped with some small chunks of real mango and the shake itself was thick (not too thick) and flavourful.
We ordered an eight-piece meal which came with three sides. We ordered the chicken in four different flavours with two pieces of each flavour. They actually gave us nine pieces (sort of along the lines of a baker's dozen). We ordered original, tandoori, fresh chilli mint, and lemon pepper. Unfortunately, they all tasted the same and no, this is not a COVID 19 symptom. Don't get me wrong, this is really good fried chicken. It was crispy yet tender and juicy just like you always hope and in contrast to the colonel's offerings but it was not flavoured. I thought I got a hint of tandoori with one bite and imagined a hint of lemon pepper but it was not as advertised. I don't know if their flavours are so subtle (what would be the point) or if they just forgot our order and gave us all original (hard to imagine as we went over our order at least a couple of times to confirm). It was a little disappointing!
The sides that we had were all decent including the slaw and Lime Chilli Corn.
Fries were our third side and they were decent, skin on and crispy. Finally, we chose a couple of dips which were good but I can't remember what they were. 
They have a nice airy, sky-lit dining room. The chicken is definitely cooked to order and the service is friendly. I will always be confused about the no-flavour flavours though.
Food                  2 1/2 out of 5    (good chicken but it all tasted the same)
Service              3 1/2 out of 5 (friendly but did they just screw up?)
Comfort             3 out of 5 (decent fast food digs)
Value                 3 out of 5
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