Golden Swan Restaurant

Sometimes only dim sum will do and a rainy and chilly Sunday morning is one of those times. As we have an endless supply of places that serve dim sum in Metro Vancouver so we have endless lists offering recommendations as to which places to visit. One of those lists mentions Golden Swan so off we went.

Golden Swan has a fair-sized dining room and we arrived early so we were seated right away. I had seen their menu online but when we arrived we saw that they had cart service as well. Cart service is dangerous for me as everything looks good and I could end up filling our table with no apparent plan.
And so before I got control of myself and filled out the request form, we found ourselves with these spectaularScallop Dumplings on our table. On top, there was a fairly substantial slice of perfectly cooked and succulent scallop. Underneath there were decent sized pieces of also perfectly cooked shrimp that had that slight snap in texture that we love. Were it not for the timely passing of the cart lady, we would never have had the privilege of enjoying this.
Also off the cart were siu mai. These were meaty and tasty but no surprises. A nice little taste of fish roe on the top which is always a pleasure. 
We checked three items off on the menu, the first of which was Chicken Feet with Special Sauce. These were tender and good. I can't explain our need to always order chicken feet. They are just comforting and rich and with a special texture that you don't get from the lean meat type items. We just really like them!
We've also grown fond of Deep Fried Taro Buns. I'm not even sure how the chefs create the lacey crisp outer shell but it is delightful. Inside the taro filling can be somewhat dense at times but these had ground pork and taro filling which gave us the nice creamy taro and the meaty pork. These were among the best we've had.
Finally, we always tender to order rice roll in one form or another. This time it was with Chinese donut and pork floss. The slightly sweet pork floss is an interesting product. Apparently, a lot of pork goes to make a small amount of floss so not exactly environmentally friendly so use it sparingly. We also love the sesame dip which usually accompanies rice roll.
I don't feel like we have the expertise to create our own top ten list of dim sum joints but I think Golden Swan would definitely be on it. We just seem to love dim sum everywhere we go. The staff were very conscientious of the social distancing rules, even the cart ladies which is a little difficult. 
Food                    4 out of 5
Comfort               4 1/2 out of 5
Service                4 1/2 out of 5   
Value                   4 out of 5

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