Sy's Vegan - Abbotsford - World Vegan Month

Wha...? Vegan in Abbotsford, in a shopping mall food court, no less. I stumbled across Sy's Vegan Bistro by Googling "vegan in the Fraser Valley". The results were meagre but there was Sy's. Not always anxious to order food from a food court (except for Asian mall food courts which are a vastly different thing), we nonetheless decided to take SVB for a spin.

Sy's may serve mall food but it's pretty good mall food. They have a few burgers on the menu but no fries. They are using Beyond Meat patties and sausage which is fine but I can easily do that at home so we gave those items a miss in order to try some other things from their fairly extensive menu.
They have a few smaller sized dishes so we were able to try more than usual which we liked. The Mini Mex bowl gave us a taste of their house-made chilli with all the fixin's served over rice. The green sauce is a cilantro lime dressing (also house-made) which was quite good (as was the chilli). It is not a scary guacamole thing as I first thought!
Also, in small-sized take-home portions (or you can get them in 1/2 litre or 1-litre portions for take home) were Beat (sic) and Greens Borscht,
Mulligatawny Soup,
and more Chilli (the overlap was mine). All of these were full-on decent and comforting.
They serve perogies in a variety of arrangements (in a Canadian Bowl, with bratwurst, with curry etc.) but we tried them on their own with a house-made vegan mayo. Very good! 
Finally, we had the curiously named, Three Pea Salad (are the words peas and beans interchangeable?). This was another comforting dish with more of their tasty cilantro lime dressing. 
All in all, we liked Sy's Vegan. If you feel like a burger (they call them Vurgers) or a sausage on a bun, you can have it. There is also a kids menu. Lot's of cruelty-free/ planet friendly/ healthy choices if you happen to be hanging out at the mall (why would you be?) or actually shopping. Seeing vegan food available in Abbotsford gives me hope for the future.
Food                   3 1/2 out of 5
Service               4 out of 5 (they packed us a couple of soup samples in addition to our order!)
Comfort              3 out of 5 (mall food court)
Value                  4 out of 5

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