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So many restaurants to try, so little time. Mharie will tell you that when we find a place that we really love, that truly rises above the rest, that we should go back to every week, that I will say, "Well, I already wrote something about them. I want to go to someplace new!" Even our all-time favourite, Dosanko, we have only been to twice. How sad! The exception to the rule is when a great restaurant opens a second location. Then on a technicality, we can go to the new location and I can write something about a new place! The point being, our favourite vegan/vegetarian place in Metro-Vancouver has opened up on Hamilton Street in Yaletown, Do Chay Saigon Vegetarian.

We did that thing that we always do, namely arrived unfashionably early and avoided crowds and line ups and were seated right away and socially distant. Again, I find myself wishing that I was in the plexiglass business these days as tables were safely isolated from each other.
We started with an appetizer that was not on the menu at the Kingsway location, Black Truffle Tofu. I was a little concerned as sometimes, truffle can be overwhelming but the chef had a delicate hand. These crispy, lightly deep-fried tofu pieces were gently scented with truffle, ginger and scallion with a sweetish soy sauce. Very nice!
There is nothing too exotic about Crispy Spring Rolls but these were certainly excellent. A large mustard green leaf, as well as basil and mint, were on the side that could be used to wrap the spring roll pieces for a different taste with each bite.
Next up was Black Garlic Eggplant. This was a rice bowl topped with braised and garlicky eggplant, some crispy tofu pieces, yo choy and some chilis. A nicely well balanced and comforting dish. 
Lastly, we had the Vegan Verm, a noodle bowl. There was a bit of overlap as another spring roll was featured here. That was not a bad thing but unintentional. Most impressive was a nice mix of mushrooms namely wood ear, oyster and king oyster with a hint of lemongrass and some peanuts. Loved this. The bowl was colourful with herbs, tomato and salad greens. All of this including tax and tips came to only $64. Another bonus of vegan food is that you can lunch in a higher-end restaurant for less as you are not paying for a $50 steak or other expensive pieces of meat.
Do Chay remains our favourite vegan / vegetarian restaurant in Metro Vancouver. Good cruelty-free food, very nice service and comfortable pleasant environs add up to a wonderful experience.
Food                    5 out of 5
Service                5 out of 5
Comfort               5 out of 5 
Value                   5 out of 5

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