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We're not huge brunch people. For the most part, I always feel like loading up with a lot of generally weighty foods in the morning is not my favourite thing. Also, we have been toying with intermittent fasting and feel pretty good about it. I generally sneer at food fads and diet fads but so far, it feels like some legitimate nutritional science people have been favourable (i.e. not your health food store publications people or others who promote supplements and BS). Today though, we found ourselves at the Wooden Spoon Brunch and Bistro in White Rock not far from 16th ad 152nd and we did not regret it!
Inside, we found that the staff are doing an excellent job with the whole socially distancing thing. They were all masked up and diners were well spaced out. There was a bit of a wait. We agreed to sit at the bar to save a few minutes off our wait time but I don't recommend that you do this. It is a fine bar for having a drink but awkward and uncomfortable for eating. Be smart and make an online reservation.
From the heading "Cast Iron Crushables", we tried a SoCal which not surprisingly, arrived in cast iron which was very hot! This was a really excellent dish of pulled chicken, roasted potatoes and a lot of melty, stretchy cheese! Some nice country gravy, assorted other tasty items and a couple of beautiful sunny side up eggs with Hollandaise made this a thing of beauty. Not the easiest thing to eat, especially at our high bar stool seating, we both made an effort not to get cheese all over our faces. Delicious!
We also had the Sweet and Salty. The star of this show was house-made brioche, thickly cut and loaded up with aged cheddar! Thick cut bacon, a couple of poached eggs, Hollandaise and a drizzle of maple syrup rounded out the offering. Again, we were impressed and Marie especially liked the sweet finish of it.
The menu to my eyes initially seemed a little pricy but the quality and the quantity (we came close but did not quite finish) revealed some decent value. We had great French press coffee as well. So make a reservation and don't sit at the bar. The folks here were friendly but to be honest, the food took a while (this may be interpreted and evidence of scratch cooking). There are a lot of nice-looking choices on this menu including some vegetarian (can be vegan) meals. 
Food 4 out of 5
Service 4 out of 5
Comfort 3 out of 5
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