Whistler Weekend - Part One and Stonesedge Kitchen

Thanks to management at Berts Electric for picking up the tab for accommodations this weekend in Whistler! They gave a bunch of us some options either in Vancouver or Whistler for this or last weekend for a brief staycation. And so, Whistler was overrun by electricians this Saturday and Sunday! Marie and I got a semi-early start by hitting the road at 8. We made the same first stop that we always make at Shannon Falls.
We were early enough to actually get a parking spot at Shannon so we decided to try again at Alice Lake. Previous visits only resulted in driving around the parking lot with a lot of other vehicles all hoping for someone to leave. We got lucky again and were able to take a walk around and see this popular spot.
It would be a nice spot to spend the day picnicking, paddling, swimming and hiking. The key in both places is getting there early to get parking. There were already masses of people at the lake but we found that family groups were distancing themselves well and we didn't see any kind of irresponsible behaviour. It's almost like we finally get it!
We got to Whistler, parked at our hotel (too early to check-in but it's nice to leave the car and walk), and went looking for lunch. We put our name in at Stonedge Kitchen but they assured us that the wait would be about 45 minutes and our blood sugar was already dangerously low! 
So we made a quick stop to replenish at Hundo-P, a smoothie specialist located (albeit well hidden ) next to The Whistler Grocery Store at Village Square. One of my top three favourite things this weekend is the reusable bamboo straw for a buck that we got with this tasty smoothie. The Tropical Green Ninja is pineapple, coconut, spinach, chia, almond milk and orange juice. Not cheap but worth it at $9. Pretty well a meal by itself but Marie and I shared it.
We got seated at Stonesedge Kitchen at 12:45. We loved our shady outside table with a view of the lane called Golfer's Approach. To our surprise lunch does not begin until 1:30! Mate, if you are interested in breakfast at 12:45, you need to get up earlier in the day! So a couple of bennies at $21 each would have to suffice because we didn't want to wait 45 minutes somewhere else. This is the way of the world now (long waits) and Whistler is not renowned for dining bargains so we soldiered on.
First was the Smoked Salmon Benny which was as you would expect. A couple of nicely poached eggs, some lox and hollandaise on a croissant (that was nice) a potato medley and a branch of fried kale. Not bad, the potatoes were good. 
Next up was the Notorius P.I.G. 2.0 Benny, a rather grand name for a not overly impressive dish. Identical to the previous but with some bacon, back bacon, bacon and onion jam and chimichurri. None of these was in great abundance and, to be honest, I forgot to look for and identify the jam. While the food arrived slowly and was not impressive for the price, eating on the patio was nice and our hosts could not have been friendlier. 
The interior of SK is also warm and inviting and would be a great place to kick back during the ski season.
Still, we are kind of here for the food. I expect Whistler to be expensive but even though I thought I had vetted this place, we were a little disappointed. 
Food 2 1/2 out of 5 
Service 3 out of 5 (friendly servers, slow kitchen)
Comfort 4 1/2 out of 5 (lovely location)

Stonesedge Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Stayed tuned for Whistler part 2 as we visit the Audian Art Museum. This is my number one recommended thing to do in Whistler.

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