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I guess all the other spellings were taken? I dropped by here during the Vanfoodster Taco Challenge but found LT closed (there was no way to find that out...no web site message, no phone message etc.) which kind of annoyed me but what are you gonna do? Here I am, some weeks later, in the area, so I decided to try again and what do you know!
Can you tell that this used to be a Taco del Mar? Anyway, even though it is not Tuesday (whose idea was that?) I decided to check them out. Pretty quiet at 4:30 on a Wednesday so I was not in fear of infection but they seem to have their social distancing game in order and four tacos for $12 is not unreasonable.
I tried 4 different tacos; Chorizo with Potatoes which was probably my favourite because you don't see it offered commonly. The Tinga Vegetables were also good and while they weren't too exotic, at least LT has a vegetarian option. Complete with a couple of corn tortillas some onion and cilantro and assorted optional toppings, these were all decent tacos.
Corn Mexican style has become one of my favourite new things. Not that it's so new but I am just discovering it! Not sure what the cheese was. Cojita would be the first choice but it may have been feta. With a little sour cream and some spice, it is a creamy tasty side.
Black beans too. Nothing too fancy here. I just like them.
Finally, another pleasant surprise, a churro. Actually, I think that they call them Churritos and they are just the right size.
Their slogan here is, "We don't make fast food. We Mexican street food as fast as we can."
I think that they do a pretty good job. Times have changed since the days when Taco Time was the only game in town.
Food 4 out of 5
Service 4 1/2 out of 5
Comfort 3 1/2 out of 5.
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