Vanfoodster's Culinary Scavenger Hunt - Part Two

So the Scavenger Hunt did not actually consist of 2 parts but I decided to blog about it in 2 parts in case you were getting tired of my culinary prose after 3 stops on our adventure! We had just enjoyed a sample plate of deep-fried treats on the sidewalk in the rain trying to balance umbrella and plate! Hey, this is Vancouver and we are pretty good at that type of acrobatics! Marie and I took the long walk (largely uphill) from Robson and Bidwell to Davie and Howe (this contributed greatly to my getting my daily steps!)
Shamefully, I have not been back to Firecrust Neopolitan Pizzeria since Vanfoodster's Pizza Palooza some 2 years ago. They seemed pretty enthusiastic about the CSH at Firecrust and they seated us on the sidewalk patio, socially distant from other groups of participants.
They served us personal-sized Margherita pizzas. I probably would have ordered it anyway as I always feel that it is the true test of a pizza kitchen being simple in concept and requiring very good ingredients. At Firecrust they tick all the excellent pizza boxes. They use 00 flour, San Marzano tomatoes, Fior di Latte and cook them in the impressive wood-burning oven! Excellent!
The crust has just a bit of chew and char while the tomato sauce is not acidic as you sometimes find.
We also enjoyed a sparkling water beverage.
After answering our scavenger hunt questions, we were challenged to fold up a few pizza boxes. Not too difficult a task but we weren't trying to set a world record like the folks on YouTube. Marie and I set off with a couple of $10 gift certificates in our pockets for our last destination.
At Canada Place, we visited Uno Gelato. Despite being down here on many occasions, we have never stopped in for gelato. We will certainly do so in the future!
We were each given a little sample of spectacular gelato. There were two flavours, the first of which was Salted Pecan which was certainly spectacular. As we know, a little salt will emphasize sweetness and it certainly did so in this case. The second flavour was a Vegan Dark Chocolate which was also very impressive. I'm not sure what the base would be for vegan ice cream. Uno Gelato has three outlets and some impressive made daily small-batch gelatos and sorbets.
Thanks to Vanfoodster for setting up this adventure and we hope to see you again next year!

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