Vanfoodster's Culinary Scavenger Hunt - Part One

This event was originally scheduled for back in March but guess what happened then? Now finally in June, complete with new social distancing rules in place, Marie and I set off on Saturday afternoon to solve some puzzles and taste some food! In the interests of social distancing, we were each assigned a separate location to start Vanfoodster's Culinary Scavenger Hunt! 
Our start was at Pappa Roti on Robson, not far from Denman. We have always meant to try this place but somehow...well, you know. As part of the scavenger hunt, we had to answer some questions and post and tag Instagram photos. It turns out that PR originated in Malaysia and their original bun has its roots in that country's roti (although you would not guess it to look at it).
Their feature taste for the scavenger hunt was their original bun with one of two toppings. I wasn't paying enough attention but one topping was blueberry based and the other was a sort of sweet marmalade but both were nice. The bun itself has a caramel coffee outside crust and the interior is buttery and this is where you can imagine roti. Although I made a bit of a mess, this was a nice treat to start our afternoon.
We were also offered a choice of beverages of which we tried one each. Again, I was not paying enough attention but there was an iced expresso complete with whipped cream etc . while the other was a nice mix of iced tea. Thank Pappa Rotti. 
This is a nice little cafe with a personable staff and a surprisingly extensive menu when you get right into it. We will definitely be back at some point. (BTW, we found out a couple of days later that we had won a $25 gift certificate from PR for our participation!) 
Next up was Kumme Cafe on the outside of Robson Market. I think that they might have underestimated the impact of a Vanfoodster event as they got behind on orders. No problem for us. We have nowhere else to be this afternoon! 
It was worth the wait as the Mango Slush was pretty decent with a lot of fresh mango chunks. They also had little bubbles which popped in your mouth. They weren't pearls. I would compare them, size and texture-wise to fish eggs (without the fishy taste!) Marie has Strawberry-Mango which was equally impressive.
They were working hard to keep up with the scavenger hunters who just kept coming! NIce folks who helped us with the scavenger hunt questions when we stumbled over them!
Finally, just a little further towards Denman was stop number three (and the last in the area) J & G Fried Chicken. We tried them out when they opened in Crystal Mall and found their chicken to be pretty good so we didn't mind visiting again.
J & G has been around since 1973 so the rooster mascot must predate the Jolibee bee (who will soon make his appearance in Vancouver) by about 5 years.
They presented us with a nice little sample of their deep-fried goodies. We love their chicken which came both as bone-in wings and as boneless popcorn. There were a couple of sweet potatoes fries and my favourite; king oyster mushrooms. Some of the pieces were surprisingly spicy while others were mild. I'm guessing that whoever applies the spice needs a steadier hand but we enjoyed it all anyway!
We had two more places to visit and some serious walking ahead. We will climb the hill in part two!

J&G Fried Chicken Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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