Disco Cheetah

I love the concept but I don't understand the name.
First, there was a truck and now there is a truck and a brick and mortar location at Davie and Bute. Either way, if they're doing Korean fried chicken, I'm there.
They do a few baos at DC. This was the Van Tofu Bao with fried firm tofu, tomato and Gochujang sauces and some cucumber etc. It was decent. The tofu pieces were too large and the result was too high a ratio of largely tasteless tofu to fried surface and sauce. Smaller pieces but more of them is my suggestion but not bad and reasonably priced a $5.50.
The main menu is fairly simple. Pick rice bowl, salad or wrap. Then pick a protein and sauces/dressing. Then sit down and enjoy a pretty tasty and dare I say, kind of healthy meal. I had the Pulled Pork Salad with Honey Beet Dressing which I thought was impressive at $11.50. The pork is roasted 5 hours with soy and Gochujang and there was a generous amount of it. The dressing was slightly sweet and distinctive. Good on them for a couple of creative options instead of the usual salad dressings. Lots of salad worthy bright veggies. I would have this again.
What we came for was the Korean Fried Chicken. We ordered this as a rice bowl with garlic mayo and chilli mayo. Again, they were generous with the protein and at $12.50, we felt like it was of good value (prices are based on protein whether you order a bowl, wrap or salad). Nicely crisp yet tender chicken with a sweet chilli glaze before the sauces even started. A few veggies on the side all on rice. Not bad!
They also have some french fry/poutine type options. Quick and friendly service which room for a little over a dozen people to sit down. This is a great place if you want something tasty but informal and quick.
For what it's worth, we give Disco Cheetah 3 1/2 out of 5.

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