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'Tis the season of free 'customer appreciation' lunches from our suppliers and so I hopped on board with Tim and 9 of my workmates to test out the patience of the local Boston Pizza.
We've been to work lunches here in the past.  I admit that I was impressed with their pierogi pizza but overall, I am not really a BP guy. It would, however, be a pretty decent place to watch a Canucks game.
And it's not just in the bar that they have TVs and Canucks memorabilia. You can watch from pretty well anywhere in the restaurant. At any rate, Tim was good enough to order us a couple of appetizers.
There were a couple of types of wings on the table. These were the original hot wings type. They were not too bad. I noticed that we scarfed them all down.
Next up were Cactus Cut Potatoes. For a moment, I thought I was in a different restaurant but I checked the front of the menu again and sure enough; Boston Pizza. They were served with their signature cactus dip (again; ?). Tasty and decent but certainly not mind-blowing.
For my main course, I had a Grilled Pineapple, Beets and Goat Cheese Salad. Lots of almonds made it ok but the beet bits were on the dry side and the red bell pepper was wilty.
Family members and co-workers all know that I am going to annoy them until I have taken a couple of pictures. The shrimp tacos looked pretty decent.
A couple of the guys had sandwiches which also looked OK. I assume this was a clubhouse at $16.50.
Honestly, I would only come here for a free lunch but considering the pretty good surroundings, a place to watch the game with friends and very nice service I shouldn't be a jerk about it.
For those reasons, and for what my opinion is worth, I give Boston Pizza, 3 out of 5.
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