Hopcott Meats

Hopcott Meats is a little out of our neck of the woods which is too bad. We made the trek here, maybe a year and a half ago for Vanfoodster's Taco Challenge. We were suitably impressed at the time, so it wasn't a hardship to cross the bridge and come again to Pitt Meadows
for Vanfoodsters' Burger Challenge.
A butcher shop and country store (and more than that) with a deli/cafe making the use of their products. They are located out in the pleasant farm country of Pitt Meadows.
So we came for the burger, one of three in this year's challenge.
This was a burger with all the fixin's. The Good Morning Burger featured a freshly ground chuck patty, house double-smoked bacon, aged cheddar, tomato, lettuce, sauces on a sesame seed bun. The beef itself tasted of quality and the work of people who know how to cook meat! A nice charry sear and just cooked medium. It was a bit of a messy thing to eat but certainly not in a bad way! It came with fries but we upgraded to Root Vegetable Fries. These were memorable. Most were crispy and flavourful. The beets were our favourites but while beets do not crisp well, they were so sweet! Amazing!
We also ordered a Smoked Brisket Sandwich and here our minds were blown! The brisket was moist and smokey and wonderfully flavoured. Not cooked in a very conventional manner, if I understood correctly, it spent 2 days on the smoker and another day in a low oven! The result was spectacular and everyone needs to try it! Not a complicated sandwich (ciabatta and smokey sweet mustard) but why would you complicate it?
Perch on a stool or sit at a table and enjoy the calming view of the country. They have a short menu of sandwiches, burgers, paninis as well as other lunch items. Service is friendly (order and pick up at the counter) and there is refreshing ice water with lemon available at the counter.  
For what it's worth, we give Hopcot Meats 4 out of 5.
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