Chicken World

Some of my favourite hole-in-the-wall and decidedly not-exploding-on-social-media type joints, I have found just by fluke while looking for something on Google Maps. Chicken World is an example of that, located at 128th Street and 96th Avenue in North Delta where I am sure I would never find myself unless I was very lost.
So having noticed CW on Maps, I still wouldn't have rushed out if I hadn't been intrigued by things on their menu that I did understand but didn't expect and other items that I didn't fully understand.
Starting with the Nashville Billo Burger. I know what Nashville means but Billo? Turns out it means, pickles coleslaw and I think cheese! It is a reference to the toppings on the burger and other names like Gabbar and Karizma are similar. This turned out to be a pretty good Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich! It made me sweat! Really very good fried chicken and decent slaw pickles and cheese left me impressed!
We ended up getting some stuff to go including Peri-Peri chicken. The minimum order for this is 5 pieces and guess what? It also turns out to be very good chicken! We ordered 1/2 spicy and half mild (for 5 pieces that would drive most people crazy).
The regular fried chicken was also decent, along the lines of Church's. This came with fries (you've seen fries before) which had a bit of a crunchy coating. Does one of the other chains do that? They were not bad.
Finally, and also under the heading,'I was not expecting that' was Arabian Rice. Tasty, spicy basmati rice cooked in some kind of stock, I would guess. It's a decent alternative to the usual fries.
Typical fast food digs, there are a few tables and the floor is slippery in places. If I understood correctly, the boss was a trainer at KFC in Pakistan. In my opinion, he brought some experience and the good stuff from KFC to build something quite a bit better here. The folks working here seem enthusiastic about what they are offering!
When Dad's not cooking!...Wait..what?
For what it's worth, we give Chicken World 3 1/2 out of 5.
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