Douce Diner

The term 'greasy spoon' does not apply to the diner at the corner of Pemberton and 15th Street West in North Vancouver. I can almost guarantee that your cutlery will be spotless and shiny here and to be honest, what they serve is not particularly cheap as 'greasy spoon' implies (not that would I expect it to be but more on that further on).
That being said, the term diner works well and possibly conjures up memories for many of a bygone era. The decor and service are worth the price of admission here and I could imagine perching on a counter stool, enjoying a $3.25 bottomless and btw excellent coffee and just watching the day go by!
From the mosaic tile floor to the shiny white ceramic bricks on the open kitchen walls, and despite our being amateurs when it comes to decor, Marie and I found this to be a bright, friendly and cheerful place to enjoy an early lunch.
Admittedly, we were drawn here by the Vanfoodster Burger Challenge, yet another event that I will start and somehow not finish. We don't regret the Double Douce Burger, however. I've been watching Alvin Cailan on YouTube lately and this burger checks a lot of boxes. It came with two not too thick good quality patties just pink in the middle, with a nice crusty sear. Lots of cheese, house red onion and zucchini pickles (wonderful), lettuce and a tasty sauce that I agonized over (Do I detect 5 spice flavour?). All on a toasted brioche bun which would always be my first choice! The fact that it came with not too many embellishments, meant that the beef could shine through and it did. On the side, the frites were of the thin and crispy variety and we did not leave a one behind!
We also ordered their Chicken and Waffles. I'm afraid that I am like a moth drawn to bright light when I see chicken and waffles on any menu and had to try Douce's version. It fulfilled the crispy yet moist requirement with flying colours. Served with very good sausage gravy, while syrup and hot sauce were on the table, this was not an enormous portion at $17 but the quality (and reward) was beyond what you might expect at a 'greasy spoon'.
The menu at  DD does not go on forever. A few intriguing breakfast items, sandwiches, salads, coffees, a few desserts, and even cocktails but everything they serve comes with a bit of a twist (like Gruyere and caramelized onions on the grilled cheese) that puts it a level up.
For what our opinion is worth, We give Douce Diner 4 1/2 out of 5.
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