Biscuit Bitch - Trailer Park to Table in Seattle

Almost everything on the menu here has the word 'bitch' in it. If you are uncomfortable with such salty language, I suggest you get over it as it will be worth your while (and really, it is kind of fun to say!).
Located in one of the dicier areas of Seattle at the corner of 3rd and Cherry. I would not go late at night but fortunately, they are only open until the early afternoon. For that matter, they have 3 other locations. The line up though, was out the door all the time we were there, so I would say that the location is not a problem for most people!
It's not like a ridiculously fast-moving line but they do ok. The music is thumping and the environs, patrons and staff are all entertaining so the wait is not painful.
We were rewarded for our patience with an "Easy Bitch". A wonderful house-made biscuit, 2 runny beautiful eggs over easy and country sausage gravy that you could pour on anything! I know it's not colourful but this carb and fat fest is a champions way to start the day. From there all the other 'bitches' are variations on the theme. You can have them with various meats, cheese or grits or with sweet toppings. You can even have them vegetarian or gluten-free. It's a simple menu but delicious!
We also had Garlic Cheese Grits as a side (normally right on top of your biscuit) with was tasty and rich and why don't we eat more grits in Canada?
They also do coffees here (it is Seattle, after all). We shared a Macchiato (you'll have to take my word for it) which we enjoyed.
Noisy, fun, inexpensive and delicious, we loved this place!
For what it's worth, we give Biscuit Bitch 4 1/2 out of 5.
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