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As you get further out the valley, your choices for good Asian food decrease. Yes, there are places here and there but the plentiful access to Laksa, Ramen, Cantonese BBQ etc., becomes a little more tenuous. One of the further out vestiges is Bubble World in Walnut Grove. Oh, I know that we're not talking about Canada's greatest Chinese restaurant. We're just talking about a place that serves up decent Taiwanese food at a good price and that makes us happy.
Located in a strip mall, like everything in Walnut Grove, they do a lot of take out and "dine in or take out?" is the first question as you walk in the door.
We have visited a few Bubble World locations over the years and I always notice that the menu changes with new items from time to time. Not surprisingly, Bao has been recently added. It's not actually called bao on their menu, but Taiwanese Bun. Tasty enough with pork belly as the filling, we enjoyed this at about $6.
We always fall for the deep-fried stuff. This squid was tender enough and the chilis and garlic were perfect. Your choice is to imbibe in the chilis more or less but be prepared!
Marie likes their Stir-Fried Udon with Seafood. A nice variety of seafood most of which is fish balls and imitation crab but it's tasty just the same. Personally, I could do without the one frozen green mussel. We have local mussels, don't we?
I had the Curry Beef Brisket. For an extra $2.5 you can make it a combo with rice and a couple of side dishes. What appears in the photo to be kimchi is not although it is radish. The other side was tofu and was decent. The curry had a bit of bite and the beef was quite tender and tasty.
We were not overly awed by this version of Bubble World although the wait staff were friendly, our food arrived in short order and we were comfortable enough. There is a lot to chose from of course, including... wait for it... bubble tea.
For what it's worth, we give Bubble World 3 out of 5.
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