It seems that none of the 'sandwiches' entered in the Vanfoodster Sandwich Challenge are really sandwiches in the traditional sense of the word. That is both good and bad (mostly good).  It means everyone out there is being creative and looking for ways to wow us. The only downside is that I really like sandwiches! Of course, I can get a sandwich anytime or make one at home for that matter!
Sprezzatura (studied nonchalance) is a new kid on a new block. On Kingsway, very close to East Broadway, the signage does not really hit you in the face and you kind of need to know its there.... fortunately, we did. Arriving unfashionably early as we always do, we were comfortably seated right away. This is a beautiful yet casual space where you could spend quality time with friends.
Marie and I had her grandaughter Juelle with us. Since it turns out there is a children's menu, she kind of high jacked the ordering on me, but that turned out to be a good thing! It allowed us to try a couple of smaller versions of different things on the menu (kids get full fast!)
So Juelle likes Pepperoni Pizza. Sprezzatura turns out the 90 seconds in the 900-degree oven type of pizza that we love. The house-made Napoletana type dough was wonderful as was the sauce which was closer to crushed tomatoes than what I would call sauce. The not overly heavy ratio of toppings makes it a pizza to be appreciated and I would return here just for their pies alone.
I beleive the child's size Macaroni and Cheese was also just a smaller version of the main menu item with provolone, gruyere and white cheddar. Made with Cavatappi which is clearly the pasta champion for macaroni and cheese, Juelle and I agreed that the crispy bits on the top were excellent!
We ordered a salad to counter the carbs and the Farro and Cannelini Salad turned out to be a sublime choice. I like salads generally but I became obsessive over this one! Each forkful brought up a different combination of greens (frisee, arugula), just roasted veggies (carrot, eggplant, onions), beans, pumpkin seeds, parmesan and a dressing which was so unimposing that I barely remember it. Legendary for a salad!
Finally came the Vanfoodster's Sandwich Challenge entry (off the main menu), the Meatball Panouzzo. This "sandwich" was made on a Napoletana pizza dough 'bun'.
Less of a bread experience, we got to enjoy again the fruits of their dough making labours and the pizza oven. There was a bit of spiciness here in the form of chili mayo along with arugula, fior di latte, and Parmigiano not to mention tasty, meaty and satisfying meatballs.
Again, I want to draw your attention to this comfortable lovely space. For us it is generally about the food and I would eat in a phone booth for a great meal but a beautiful room is a bonus. The staff are very friendly and accommodating here!
For what it's worth, we give Sprezzatura 4 1/2 out of 5.

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