Food By Fanta at BCD Academy and Vanfoodster's Sandwich Challenge

Though I have a poor record when it comes to participating in Vanfoodster's food challenges (they ran out, they're closed, they served us something different, we didn't read properly), here we are again! The Sandwich Challenge is a perfect challenge for us as there are only four participants and we have never been to any of the places (we love trying new places)! We started with Food by Fanta at BCD Academy. BCD is the cooking school of Parinya Lopston, owner of Langley perennial favourite, Ban Chok Dee Restaurant.
Well hidden behind the sign for the now-defunct "My Thai" restaurant in what is more or less a small business mall on Fraser Highway, make sure you have the street address and don't be afraid to go looking. Rumour has it that they will soon be opening a full restaurant adjacent at which time signage problems will presumably disappear. 
So we started with the challenge entry "Trans-Atlantic Sandwich". We noticed that what we were served did not match the photo we had seen but apparently a couple of details have been changed to make it better! The original bagel was deemed a little too heavy and was replaced by an in-house-made bun (almost a croissant but crispier? ) which was excellent all by itself! Topped with tasty Thai sauced shrimp, avocado, a spectacular puree of red onion (I mean that was an interesting and wonderful puree), microgreens, edible flowers etc., this was an impressive sandwich. The amuse-bouche served on the side was more of a chicken spring roll which was nice enough.
And speaking of amuse-bouche (I have now used the term twice in one post after never having used it in this space before), we were served one at the very beginning of this meal. A prawn cracker with some tuna in house-made mayo and a few house-grown microgreens. Very nice!
Since souffle pancakes have suddenly become all the rage, we decided to try their Creme Brulee Souffle Pancakes. Neither of us are pancake fanatics but these were pretty amazing. Light and pillowy and served with fresh fruit and a sweetish cream sauce. The creme brulee topping was not creme brulee crispy as we had hoped but it was tasty just the same.
Finally, we had the Grilled Cheese Chicken Waffle. How could you see that on a menu and not try it? The chicken was boneless thighs in a house-made barbeque type sauce. Not too crispy or spicy, the chicken was very tender. The waffles were decent also with cheddar between a stack of two. All in all, a very nice treat.
The space is elaborately decorated yet very comfortable but I'm not sure why they need 4 big TVs on the walls. Service was excellent as was the coffee. I believe that it would be fun to come and take one of their classes. Information is readily available about classes on their web site.
For what our opinion is worth, we give Food By Fanta and the challenge sandwich, 4 out of 5.

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