Phoenix in August ...and Grubstak

What kind of idiot takes a week off in August and goes to Phoenix? The kind who does not understand the true implications of the phrase, "Today's high temperature will be 46 degrees Celsius!", that's who! As we stepped outside Sky Harbor Airport at 8 pm into the heat, Marie and I could only look at each other and laugh! It's not unlike the blast of heat that comes at you when you are too quick reaching into the oven. But its a dry heat!
Don't worry though. We are not really that stupid. We knew it was going to be hot and we have a plan. The plan involves a lot of pool time and air conditioning. Over the next few days, I will be regaling you with tales of how the locals (both flora and fauna) function in this heat. Plus we'll be eating some because that's what we really do best!
As just a random example of that last thing, today we went to Grubstack for lunch.
I was pretty sure that I had seen Grubstak on some food show or other and sure enough, their menu confirmed that they had been on Triple D. This turned out to be an inspired choice for eats on our first day in town. The whole concept of Grubstak is in the name. Your grub a stack...Well its a little more impressive than that. 
We tried their 'as seen on TV', Sweet Lou's BBQ which starts with your choice of base. We chose a combination of regular and sweet potato fries on which was stacked BBQ braised beef, apple-wood bacon and coleslaw (get it now?). Every element of this dish had us making happy noises starting with crispy fries that, even as the BBQ flavour seeped down, were still amazing! (Attention White Spot.This place might be worth a field trip!) There was a generous amount of very tasty tender beef and the bacon with thick cut and crispy. And great coleslaw! 
We also had their Gold Rush. As a base, in an effort lean in a healthy direction, we chose quinoa and roasted vegetables (of the bases you can stick with one or combine any two).On top were crispy chicken pieces and 'golden sauce' (a mustard based slightly sweet sauce), bleu cheese (which we asked for on the side) and a shaved carrot and celery garnish. 
I want to draw your attention to the vegetables. These roasted purple potatoes, parsnips, carrot and broccoli were excellent and a rare item on menus. I kind of feel like its a high effort item for the restaurant to prepare and with more health benefits than all the smoothies and wheat grass and antioxidant stuff that some places push at a premium price. Plus, I just love roasted vegetables! The chicken was crispy and very good also.
At $6.50, we assumed the Mac and Cheese with Jalapeno and Bacon would be just a taste but it turned out to be another decent serving. Marie declared them the best mac and cheese that we have had. High praise from a tough judge who never would have given White Spot 3 stars. 
I loved all these serving dishes. They are built like $120 stainless steel skillets with heavy steel and bases.
I also love the fact that you could eat healthy here everyday if you chose with vegetarian choices on quinoa or roasted vegetables, or with decent salads. Each of the mains were in the area of $10 to $12.
This is a nice, comfortable sleek place with lots of light, with booths, tables and some bar seating. I wish it was in my neighbourhood.
For what its worth, we give Grubstak 4 1/2 out of 5.

Grubstak Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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