Phoenix Day Two...and Los Taquitos

One of the challenges of being in this hot place is getting my 'steps'. My exercise program consists in large part of walking 10 km a day, religiously. On a work day, I set my alarm for 5 am and walk 30 minutes before getting ready and starting work at 6:30. The rest of the kms come in 20 to 30 minute jaunts throughout the rest of the day. Being that only the early morning is cool enough for exercise here, I overcame the challenge by walking an hour and a quarter yesterday between 6:30 (hey, I'm on vacation) and 8. After that, only leisurely strolls were necessary to get my 13,800 steps.
Its hard to convey 46 degrees in a photograph. You'll have to take my word for it. Google says that we keep our saunas at 78 degrees and up so that's really not a good comparison but you don't stay long in a sauna either. The hottest temperature ever recorded was 56.7 degrees in Death Valley so I guess 46 degrees is refreshingly cool by comparison. But enough about the weather already!
Today we again followed in the pioneering steps of Mr Guy Fieri this time finding ourselves at Los Taquitos. 
Located in a strip mall in Ahwatukee (close to where we are staying), this branch of Los Taquitos is modern and comfortable not too mention busy. We arrived at 11:45 on Thursday and got in the line up to order.The place was already near capacity and remained so all the while we were there. The folks running the counter are apparently used to this condition and know what they are doing. We placed our order, grabbed a seat and some salsa and waited. The wait was just long enough that I was sure that our food was being prepared and not sitting under heat lamps.
We started with some tacos, of course. Two fish, one lengua and one asado. They all came with two corn tortillas and a decent amount of the protein as well as good trimmings. At $1.75 to $2.25 each, this were a decent deal and tasty. 
A Beef Enchilada on the side just to try. Thats a lot of tangy green tamatillo sauce. It was a very good enchilada.
In our continuing search for the perfect Chile Rellenos, I wonder why they are always drenched in sauce. This was a very tasty rellenos with a stuffing of potato and cheese inside a dark green rich pepper. It had been fried with an egg coating and probably started its life in that lovely crispy state. Once drenched in an admittedly tasty sauce and cheese, it lost that crispy potential. Still, they can serve it any way they want and it was still delicious.
We also tried a Pastor Torta. The nicely toasted bun provides a bit of a change from the typical arrangement of tortilla with protein, cheese and salsa. All the proteins at Los Taquitos were very good.The pinto beans served on the side had some texture to them and were rich and tasty. Likewise, we enjoyed the rice. All of this food came to $27 so it was more than affordable.
There are so many Mexican style restaurants around here and a lot of them are pretty good. We liked Los Taquitos and would definitely come back but I'm not really sure what makes it Triple D worthy. That being said, I don't have my own TV show.
For what its worth, we give Los Taquitos 3 1/2 out of 5.
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