Surrey Fusion Festival 2019 - Part Two- The Food!

As much as we love all kinds of music, and appreciate dancing and other types of culture, we really came for the food.
We arrived hungry, purchased $40 of tickets (not keen on this system but I suppose it discourages the underground economy) and sought prey. My personal plan was to find food that we rarely or never get to have. So we skipped a few stalls with Indian, and Chinese food etc (We love that food. It wasn't easy to pass by.) and arrived at a Nigerian booth run by the folks from Alebi Restaurant in Whalley.
We had Jollof Rice and Fried Plantains. The rice was fairly spicy right off the bat while the hot sauce on the side added to the warmth. The plantains were rich and sweet. Wonderful! Having staved off imminent low blood sugar lightheadedness we cruised the three large alleys of booths looking for our next treat.
Having missed the Paraguayan booth at the Festival del Sol, we were happy to see a chance again to try their native fare. A beef empanada was excellent as was Chipa Guaza, a corn, cheese and egg bread that was spectacular! Further wandering ensued during which time we enjoyed First Nations dancers in the Indigenous Village.
Pupusa from El Salvador was next. At this booth, they offered a number of typical Latin American foods but each with an interesting twist such as tamales cooked in banana leaf instead of corn husk as we are perhaps more used to seeing.
 All of these interesting things are well and good but when my Filipina partner craves steamed rice, nothing else will do.
So our next stop was a visit to the old country for pork barbeque skewers and rice! These were pretty good!
And finally dessert was Tiramisu from Italy. Not a bad way to finish our eating adventure. All in all for $40, we tried a lot of things. Sadly however, we barely scratched the surface with so many other things that we wanted to taste! We'll be back next year for sure!

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