Barn Burner BBQ - Yarrow

With Big Day BBQ happening in Langley and Ribfest happening in Port Moody, I made the decision to attend the Barn Burner Barbeque contest in Yarrow.
Of course, I forgot to take into consideration that Yarrow is smack in the middle of the nightmare route to Cultus Lake. A single lane of traffic and way too many people trying to jam themselves into a way overhyped summer destination.
Once I had arrived, the barbeque folks were surprisingly well organized in parking and accommodating a pretty good crowd with entertainment of all sorts including music,
 a beer gardens, food trucks (seemed redundant), free bottled water, misting stations, a climbing wall,
and well, you get the picture. A good time was available to all.
The Pulled Pork judging had taken place at one o'clock so the contestants were in the process of giving out samples when I got there at 1:15 or so.
Twenty-one teams meant twenty-one small but tasty pulled pork samples. Of course, I didn't try them all. And I'm not in a position to judge as admittedly after a while, they all tasted the same. Very good but too close to call. The real judges have a serious skill set.
Someone won each of the five categories and overall but I did not hang around for the hardware to be awarded. To be honest, it was a hot day and I am too much of a wimp. I arrived, observed, tasted some good stuff and headed for someplace air-conditioned.
Next year, I might strategize for surviving the hot weather a little better and try to stay a little longer. And you should plan for it also!

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