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Sometimes I just can't make up my mind, you know? Tacos or golf? Golf or tacos? Now thanks to the folks who run The Golf Den on Fraser Highway in Langley, I don't have to!
All part of their master plan, this friendly couple, originally from El Salvador, opened an indoor golf simulation / VR centre this past winter. Once that was nicely humming along, they opened the kitchen and started producing tacos, some Mexican style and some with an Asian flair! The next phase will be to get licensed to serve beer with the tacos. Don't wait though! The tacos are good now!
I'll be honest with you. I don't know which taco is which in the photos! They have six versions and you can read the details on their web site. There are a couple of traditional style, a couple of Korean style, and a couple of Thai style. These can also be grouped into spicy or mild or according to protein. I just said, one of each please...surprise me!
I can tell you this, the spicy had a bit of a bite but not quite enough to make me sweat. There was a generous amount of filling and tasty sauce in each and the vegetable part of that filling was not just an afterthought. There were cherry tomatoes, radishes and cilantro etc., which made me feel like they were assembled with care.
This is a small little place with maybe seating for 10. I paid just over $20 for six decent-sized tacos with double corn tortillas and a Coke. Essentially, this fed Marie and I as I promised to bring some home for here (she had to work late), so for just over $10 you can have an interesting lunch or snack!
Come for the tacos, stay for the golf. Or visa versa! Or just come for the pretty good tacos!
For what it's worth, we give Taco Fusion 3 1/2 out of 5.

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