Surrey Fusion Festival 2019 - Part One - Go Today!

The Surrey Fusion Festival is kind of a big deal and it should be attended by everyone! There are 50 countries represented here displaying their music, dance, culture, crafts and of course, their food!
Seven stages scattered throughout Holland Park almost continuously provide displays of music and dance from Flamenco to African rhythms to the Canadian Indigenous peoples music and dance and even a cooking stage. 
Marie and I bore the heat of the day (bring a hat for God's sake) but into the evening the music would continue and the headliners (the bigger acts...the recording artists) would entertain the crowds and all at no cost!
A lot of the music and demonstrations were delivered on a small scale and one of the great pleasures of the festival is coming across unrenowned performers simply providing a taste of their  homelands.
The peoples of Canada's First Nations had an area set aside where we could learn a little of their  history and culture and enjoy their music and dance also.
This included a tent and area specifically telling the story of the Metis.
In addition to everything mentioned above, there are family area and kid's areas with games and demos, a zip line and all that other fun stuff.
You know of course that we're mainly here for the food but I wanted to get part one of this blog post up early just in case some one reading might be inspired to attend today (Sunday, July 21, 2019). You will be glad that you did!
By the way, take transit if you can. It is right across the street from King George Station and parking is a bit dicey!

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