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Welcome to my neighbourhood, Donair Zone! Acceptable quick lunch options, within reach of our office, have just grown by one! I saw the Donair Zone sign some time ago and rolled up to their front door to find them not yet open but yesterday was the day!
Falafel is a healthy, tasty and filling (not too mention affordable) way to get a quick lunch or snack. I am a big fan. Donair Zone obviously is about more than falafel. On my first visit, I tried their regular sized Lamb Donair Plate. At $12.75, this is a decent deal.
On a bed of nicely cooked rice and with a pita, the lamb plate has a bit of several things including a nice salad with beets and feta, as well as the requisite hummus. The lamb itself was moist and tasty and in a generous quantity. I got a falafel to go for later. 
I have proved many a time, that a falafel pita is a challenge to photograph. Sometimes I try taking it apart but then it looks like something exploded. I think I did OK this time.
They make their falafel in house so don't be imagining the frozen things that you can buy at the grocery store (or worse, the dry mix). The vegetable options are several including lightly pickled beets. Tzatziki and hot sauce are among the sauces that can round it out. Very Nice
Poutine is something that I rarely order. Fries, gravy and cheese curds make for a highly overrated almost national dish (since when?) but add some Lebanese ingredients and you have something. I tried their Chicken Donair Poutine with toum for a melty garlic fest! If you have not had toum just Google it. Basically it is mayonnaise made with garlic instead of eggs and is guaranteed to keep colds and vampires at bay. This was amazing!
Among the other things made completely in house are their spit roasted meats, marinated, assembled and roasted here.
This is not their first kick at the can. Donair Zone is related to the Mission branch and previously the Abbotsford store. They know what they are doing and I for one am glad that they have chosen humble Aldergrove for their next stop.
For what it's worth, we give Donair Zone 4 out of 5.


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  1. I tried this the other day. Amateur, slow, bland, dirty, and very overpriced. Typical wannabe crappy donair shop. Wasn't fresh. I would not go back. If you want the real deal, there is an awesome shawarma and falafel shop just up the road by the freeway on 264th called Holy Falafel. They rock.

    1. I have enjoyed Holy Falafel also. You can find my review on Zomato. I assume that you are somehow related to them? lol.

  2. Great service,they always make us feel so welcome when they strike up a conversation when we come by after school for a quick lunch. Thanks guys.

  3. Terrible. The meat had zero flavour because the have it sitting in a warm container of water.. WHY?! I can understand a little bit to keep it moist but don’t friggin submerge it! Veggies weren’t fresh either.. I would say save your money and go to holy falafel.


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