River Rock Buffet

I am not a buffet kind of guy and I guess that I never really was. I don't like eating with the feeling that I have to eat enough to make it worthwhile (of course you don't have to do that). When we were in Vegas a couple of years ago, we decided that we needed to go to a buffet at least once, to complete the experience. Then about a year ago, Marie's kids took us to an Asian buffet in Tukwila, Seattle. Other than that, I think my childhood experience with my parents at the Royal Fork (OMG) in Bellingham was the last time I indulged in AYCE. But the kids wanted to take their mothers out in advance of Mother's Day and so we opted for the River Rock (full disclosure: this was the Sunday before Mother's Day) and to be fair, my impression was that it is a step or two up from the Royal Fork.

We arrived at an odd time (3:00) and witnessed the changing of the guard. The Sunday morning brunch was giving way to the afternoon/evening spread. You would think it was the best of both worlds as there were waffles and bacon while we awaited sushi that never actually arrived. Still...
There was some decent seafood including shrimp (my personal favourite of what was available) and clams and mussels (Marie's favourite).
Not to mention a tasty Seafood Salad with imitation crab and a white fish ceviche which was also good.
There was an acceptable salad bar ( no blue cheese dressing but actual blue cheese crumbles). Also, there was a hot food table with dim sum, congee and breakfast items. There was a carving table with what appeared to be good roast beef and ham. Finally, there were deserts a plenty!
We kind of browsed and hunted and pecked. I thought this plate looked artfully arranged.
Unless you are 10 years old, don't bother with the corn dog!
The large room is comfortable enough with a nice view. We did not have to wait but I have heard stories of long waits if you arrive at peak times. My overall impression was kind of meh but as I confessed at the outset, buffets are not really my thing. The price all day Sunday is $35 for adults and I am both chagrined and thrilled to say that I qualified for a $5 discount as senior's rates start at 55. 
For what it's worth, we give the River Rock Buffet, 3 out of 5.
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